Like most of the islands of the Caribbean ocean, the economic backbone of Aruba is also tourism. For that reason, the tourism authority of Aruba is very attentive in presenting the colorful cultural events in front of the tourists. So when anyone visit Aruba, not only the sea beaches amuse him but also the cultural events. Due to the comfortable warm climate and hurricane free zone around the island, Aruba is always ready to welcome the tourists. The seasonal pattern is not so prominent in this island. Therefore lots of events and exhibitions are taken place in Aruba all the year long. For the tourists this island has the beautiful snow-white sea beaches with the wind sculptured trees from where you can enjoy the sunsets. You can also spend the most of the day in the sea beaches watching the waves, sea-gals and enjoying the gentle breeze. There is nothing more romantic then this for the couple who are visiting for the first time. There are also a lot of other events and attractive place for you. You can go to the local markets, restaurants, museums and some popular places. History is in every where in Aruba. The names of the restaurants, popular places and markets etc. are all bearing popular names from the history of Aruba. The handicraft and other products like the musical instruments, aloe, local household goods and ornamental products are also bearing names and marks of different important historical events. The prices are cheap and the products are also very attractive. You can spend your whole day in these tourist markets in Aruba.

For the night, there are also some special places for you. You can go to the casinos, restaurants, and night clubs or at the museums. You can also arrange the special barbecue party. If you are in a hotel then the hotel authorities will arrange several events for their guests. But if you are in the luxurious apartments, then you are free to do anything to enjoy your nights in Aruba. Another thing that we should mention is that, the sea beach is very lovely if you spend the evening there under the moon.

In Aruba, several international events are arranged each year. Cruising, beach volley balls, beach tennis championship etc. are organized here by the local authorities to make the staying of the tourists more attractive. That's why more than sixty thousand people visit this little island each year.

The people of Aruba are also very friendly. Their simple lifestyle, traditional dance and foods are very attractive for the tourists. Since Aruba has a multi dimensional culture, so the people from the Europe and America find themselves in a new environment here. Even you could feel the difference among the Dutch culture and the culture of Aruba. The local languages, songs and the colorful traditional dress are also very attractive which you can't forget for a long time. So this is Aruba, the most attractive island in the southern Caribbean ocean.