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Highlights Of The Aruba International Film Festival

It is easy to see how the fantastic weather and beautiful surroundings of Aruba makes it a firm favorite among tourists. This Caribbean island now has even more to offer. The Aruba International Film Festival offers a chance to indulge in the luxuriant surroundings of the island and enjoy some great films at the same time. It takes place in June and features an impressive roster of film stars and public figures. For instance, this year's festival included the actor, Richard Gere, the Academy-nominated screenwriter, Guillermo Arriaga and Aruba's Primeminister, Mike Eman.

The 2010 festival occurred on June 4 through June 11. If you would like to learn more about the festival, the following introduction to featured films can help. Highlighted below are two films featured at the 2010 festival, Boy Ecury and Hachiko, A Dog's Tale.

Directed by Leslie Hallstrom and written by Stephen P. Lindsey, Hachiko, A Dog's Tale, unsurprisingly has a dog as its main character. The 'hero' is an Akita dog who has been deserted at a train station. The professor, Parker Wilson, finds the dog and takes it home. After no one claims the dog, the professor names him Hachiko.

Hachiko accompanies the professor to the train station each day as he departs for work. Then, one day, the professor leaves from the station but does not come home. He has passed away. Still Hachiko returns to the train station looking for his master every day for nine years.

This sweet story is all about the companionship between a man and his dog. The adventures that Hachiko has at the station are also interesting. Certainly, viewers are left with a message about the ability of animals to teach people about devotion and love. Originally a Japanese tale, Hachiko is an American take on the story.

From the Netherlands comes a film called Boy Ecury. The writer is Arthur Japin and the director is Frans Wiesz. This film focuses on a young Aruban boy who is sent away to the Netherlands for boarding school. Called "Boy", the central character takes part in World War II by joining the Resistance. Only days before the Liberation, Boy is killed by the Germans.

The start of the movie takes place ten years after Boy's death, when his business man father, Dundun, arrives in the Netherlands. He is searching for his son's body but the only information he has is that he died with a smile on his face. The suspected killer of Boy, a young man called Ewoud appears on the scene. Dundun is troubled by his emotions as he projects his feelings for Boy on Ewoud. Based on true happenings, Boy Ecury has a particular connection to Aruba. In fact, there is a statue commemorating Boy in Oranjestad. Boy Ecury has also been featured in a TV documentary as well as a book.

These interesting film choices are just a small representation of the features at the Aruba International Film Festival. In addition to the lovely climate and scenery and prominent guests, there is another bonus. Film ticket prices are affordable. Many cost around $7.00. There are further details about the festival on the Internet.