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What Is Going To Happen In Aruba Rembrandt Regatta 2010?

Last August of 2009, the very first Aruba Rembrandt Regatta took place. The 3 days event exemplified a fun and fresh festivity in Aruba. Participants competed with their beach catamarans, yachts, sunfishes and sailboats. It was indeed a successful event.

The very first sailing event was participated by over thirty seven sailing vessels in Aruba. There were also a group of national and international competitors who signed up for the Rembrandt Regatta. The event was designed to be open to cruising and raising yachts plus open yachts too. Beach cats, sailboats and sunfishes were also permitted to join the event. Even if the weather condition wasn't that stable during the event, it still ended up successfully.

During the first two days of the Rembrandt Regatta, the competitors were given the time to fill out and submit necessary forms for the event at the registration area. Then, the racing class competitors were asked to prepare their valid 2008 or 2009 CSA digital rating certificate. On the other hand, the cruising/fun class participants were only required to fill out and submit a simple form. Because of this, the latter class was able to fully enjoy the 3 day festivity.

In August 13, 14 and 15 of 2010, the second Rembrandt Regatta will take place once again. Cafe Rembrandt has even coordinated with the organizing committee of Aruba to prepare for the event's success. Although the events' sailing instructions together with the courses of the sails will not be divulged yet until the event takes place, the team coordinators have exhausted their efforts to make sure that the Rembrandt Regatta of this year will become bigger and even more successful.

A shuttle service was prepared by the organizing team for people to use. A challenge was also created by Mount Gay to spice up the event as well. They say that the bar will award the winner of the challenge a special wooden cup. The cup that will be awarded will then contain a five liter Mount Gay Rum.

On August 14, 2010, a 1k and 2k swimming competition will also take place in Eagle beach at 5 pm. Earplugs will also be performing live during the event. Other than that, a beach party filled with music has been prepared by the committee as well so people can enjoy even more.

On August 14 and 15, Mount Gay will already open at exactly 10 am. Individuals can then order some Mount Gay mixes from the bar. Then for those who love other cool refreshments, Ben and Jerry's can be found. You will surely indulge in their mouthwatering ice-creams.

The Aruba Rembrandt Regatta of 2010 is still an event that people can look forward to. Windsurfers, yachts and sailboat owners, party goers and other individuals interested in sailing can always check this event out this upcoming 13th -15th of August. This event can make or break the history of the sailing event of last year. What exactly is going to happen in this years Rembrandt Regatta? That will still remain a question but, that is soon to be answered.