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Charlie's Bar - An Aruban Treasure

Dining options are an important part of any vacation. No visit to an exotic place would be enjoyable if the food was inedible. Charlie’s Bar is a locally famous location set on the seaside. It was founded in 1941 by Charlie and Maria Brouns. The family still owns and runs the restaurant to this day. The fact that the restaurant has not changed hands even once is a tribute to what the establishment stands for. Charlie Brouns offered humanitarian aid to seamen, contractors and harbor workers during the Second World War and also during other times, setting the stage for the fame of Charlie’s Bar.

This free-spirited institution presents a casual dining experience that is desired by many who visit the shores of Aruba. Shrimp, fish and squid make the list of specialties offered at this fun seaside bar. Instead of being a refuge from the storm for sailors and refinery workers, Charlie’s Bar is now an Aruban treasure. The atmosphere is intriguing, with walls lined with memorabilia from the family that runs the restaurant as well as local and international donations from visitors. Unique sauces and recipes allow for a new experience in dining you will never forget. Such specialties as the Honeymoon Sauce are super spicy, with scotch bonnet peppers, vinegar, and a variety of vegetables. The food served at Charlie’s Bar has Creole, Latin and local influences, making it a tasty treat for anyone who likes lively seafood.

Something Charlie’s Bar is also known for is the entertaining bartenders. Friendly and charming, the workers here are dedicated to serving you, the patron, precisely what you request with a flare! The one of a kind service has come to be expected from locals who make Charlie’s Bar a regular visit. For first-time visitors, the service is a pleasant surprise compared to what bartenders at other tavern locations can get away with these days. The combination of good food, pleasant people and unique atmosphere make for a truly enjoyable evening out in Aruba.

For a much desired change of pace, be sure to visit Charlie’s Bar during your visit to Aruba! Take advantage of this exclusive dining opportunity and several unique dishes that can be imitated nowhere else. The price is a plus, as well, being reasonable compared to other establishments on the island and selling seafood for much cheaper than you can find in the States. This is one treasure you do not want to overlook!