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The Aruba International Pro-Am Golf Tournament: A Big Event To Watch Out For

Tropical Islands have a lot to offer from beautiful resorts to exotic cuisines. Aruba, being one of them is a perfect place to visit and enjoy events. Residents and guests enjoy holiday activities, regattas, and many sport festivals. It is no wonder that the Aruba International Pro-Am Golf Tournament is held annually in this beautiful island. Sports fans and vacationers are expecting to witness the said event of the year. Tierra Del Sol Spa and Country Club in Aruba will be hosting the big occasion on August 26th-30th. Participants will be divided into two categories of both professional and amateur golfers.

Tourists and travelers who want a different kind of experience visit Tierra Del Sol Resort since it is famous for its wonderful island view and pristine water. The scenic landscape contributes to the perfect setting for golfers. The mild climate and cool wind conditions add an appeal to the narrow course of nine holes.

Playing golf could be understood from different points of view. To some, it is just a game to enjoy; to others, it could be a good form of exercise. But adventurous spirits consider it a sort of competition where only the best wins. To be the best, a player should be patient. In other words, it is a patient competition. This game contradicts its essential element of patience. In short, the idea of contradiction sets an example in a case where one person says golf is exciting while another says it's boring.

This sport however, is linked to other sports like bowling and billiard. It is pretty different from a usual game where one expects to watch. They usually know the rules and the players.

Golf fans on the other hand, are very much focused on every move of the player. Their silence is the best way to express respect to the player. On the other hand, they can also go to the extremes in supporting their players if they want to.

To promote and strengthen the interest of young sportsmen, Tierra Del Sol makes the event happen: The Aruba International Pro-am Golf tournament. It deems the game to be part of its yearly sports festivities in the island. Golf enthusiasts believe it to stay for centuries. Playing golf makes a person fit as a fiddle. Even old people like businessmen who have no time for exercise will benefit physically by playing a game on their free time.

Golfing also gives a chance to meet new people, new friends. At Tierra resort, golf stores are available for both professional and amateur players. The shops and bars have a variety of items to offer after a golf match. Though golf is considered an expensive sport by many, it is made more affordable at Tierra because of its quality products and various options.

Retirees usually stay in areas close to golf courses. They opt to play the sport to enjoy life after long stressful years of hard work. Arizona and Florida have vast golf courses but many elderly fly to Aruba. One of their reasons is the annual Aruba International Pro-Am Golf Tournament. It is no doubt that this most-awaited event in Aruba calendar of festivities excites them the most.