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Aruba Nights – Non-stop Partying, Tropical Style

Aruba nights provide some of the most thrilling entertainment venues in the Caribbean. The whole island is peppered with nightspots where both tourists and locals go to dance, listen to live music, or simply enjoy the unique evening landscape. But what would a vacation be without getting some of that adrenaline rush? In Aruba, nights are also made more lively and interesting by the casinos scattered all over the place. Many of these casinos are located right inside hotels, much like in famous Las Vegas strip in the US.

More often than not, enjoying Aruba nights does not mean you have to leave the hotel or resort where you stay. On top of casinos, many hotels offer a wide variety of entertainment for their guests. It’s also not uncommon to find establishments that hold water ballet shows, fashion expos, fire dance festivals, and local dance performances. In Aruba, you can party non-stop. You do not have to worry about what time it is or even how to go around the island at night. There are many party buses that tour the island and make Aruba nights more interesting. You can definitely join the ride in these buses and visit favorite night clubs. It is important to note that party buses in Aruba offer themes or routes that are different from one another. Usually, dinner parties are held in such buses. Still, if you want to tour the island at night on your own, you can always take the cab to go to the hottest places in Aruba. But you should know that, according to local laws, entry to night clubs is prohibited if you are below eighteen years old.

Aruba nights need not be spent on noisy and bustling places. If you are on your honeymoon or if you simply prefer a more tranquil nightspot, you can take a walk in the long stretch of white sand beaches that surround the island or you can simply take a sip or two of your favorite cocktail right in the patios that are common in rental villas or apartments.

Indeed, Aruba nights offer parties that never seem to stop. Well, it is not the favorite destination in the Caribbean for nothing. Activity in most clubs in the island peak at around 2 a.m. and can last until dawn. Meanwhile, casinos stay open for 24 hours every day. Truly, the way you spend your nights in the island will only be limited by your imagination and ability to have fun.