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Faculty of Law – University of Aruba – Training Experts in Island Law

The Faculty of Law at University of Aruba is the oldest established faculty at this island based university. The University of Aruba was founded in 1988 with a focus on supplying the newly independent nation a national center of learning. One of the first needs recognized by the newly formed government was the need to train lawyers in the nuances of island law as they began to create laws and issue decrees. In the two decades since the founding of the university over 115 students have graduated with a Masters degree in Aruba Law.

The Faculty of Law offers two degrees, a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s. The Bachelor’s degree is a multi-disciplinary degree that teaches basic competencies to prepare and qualify a student to enter the master’s program. In addition, students graduating with a Bachelor Degree of Law Aruba, LLB will be well prepared to enter a career as a paralegal should they choose not to pursue a Master’s degree. In this manner, the University of Aruba helps to prepare students for jobs at all levels in the legal profession. The bachelor’s degree program is a three year program that will help to impart principles of accountability, fairness, impartiality, independence and thoroughness.

In order to gain a Master’s degree in law at University of Aruba you must first have gained the LLB or equivalent certification. The Master’s program at the UA Faculty of Law is a one year full time intensive course designed to create fully certified legal professionals. A Master Degree of Law Aruba, LLM is required in order to enter training programs to become a prosecutor, a judge or an attorney at law. Each student that is part of the Faculty of Law is required to meet research competencies and must demonstrate those competencies via the medium of a research thesis that is made accessible to the public through the University library.

The Faculty of Law at the University of Aruba is staffed by a respected roster of professionals and island law experts who are able to dedicate real time to their students, encouraging and supporting them on the quest for a legal career. The University itself has a strong student support network in place and the entire faculty focuses on creating an atmosphere where the principles listed above become a natural part of the legal thinking of the student, not only at university, but throughout their legal career.