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Sint Nicolaas

Enjoy the Culture of Aruba

If you are looking for a new place to visit in Aruba, look no further than Sint Nicolaas. It is the second largest city in the country and is located at the southern tip of the island. Although it is farther away from Oranjestad, you will not be lacking activities here. Once you arrive, you are sure to hear about Charlie’s Bar. It has been called one of the most unique bars on the island, and everyone says you need to visit it before you leave the island. The great thing about it is the history that surrounds the place.

The bar has been a staple in Sint Nicolaas culture since 1941, and you will be able to see aspects of that once you walk in. That is because there is memorabilia hanging all over the walls. It definitely makes for an interesting experience that you will never forget. Your Aruban vacation will not be complete without a trip to this gem of a spot. You will never feel more welcome in your life because everyone who goes there, whether it is tourists or locals, makes you feel welcome. It is a great way to experience more than just the beaches.

Just like the rest of Aruba, Sint Nicolaas boasts wonderful beaches that are sure to keep you entertained your entire trip. Whether you are into just lazing around the sand or actually getting into the water with some activities, this city will satisfy your needs. If you are into activities, then you should check out the snorkeling that is available here. You do not need to be experienced to enjoy yourself because a lot of places have first time lessons. Just because your vacation is to a beach does not mean you have to lounge around getting sunned all day.

Another reason why Sint Nicolaas is a great vacation spot in Aruba is because it is the second largest city. Although it is a large city, it is not the most popular or famous spot. This makes it great for people who like to venture out and not do what everyone else does. Just because not as many people vacation here does not mean it is not a great place. That actually is the appeal for many visitors because they prefer to be by themselves and try new experiences. This city should be a must for anyone looking to plan a trip to Aruba.