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The Xavier University School of Medicine – Study Medicine Abroad – Do Your Residency in the USA.

The Xavier University School of Medicine in Aruba is the perfect school for international students wishing to practice medicine in the United States. In fact, Xavier University was founded with this goal in mind and teaches to a US based curriculum. Aruba is an independent island nation that is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This small island is renowned for its hospitality, white sandy beaches and dry tropical weather. Aruba is a favored vacation spot but it is also gaining a worldwide reputation for international students wanting to pursue medical studies and practice medicine in the United States.

The Xavier University School of Medicine was chartered by the Ministry of Education in Aruba in 2004. The medical school is backed and directed by a group of successful American doctors who are experts in their specialties. Since Aruba is an independent island travel back and forth to the US is easily accomplished and there are over 14 flights daily between Aruba and the United States. When you study at Xavier you truly get the best of both worlds – small classes and reasonable tuition as well as access to clinical studies in the United States.

For the past thirty years the United States has allowed international students that meet stringent standards to enter into residency appointments in US hospitals. Preparing students to meet these exacting standards used to be restricted to US based universities, but now, if a student can pass the United States Medical Licensure Examinations (USMLEs), both step 1 and step 2, then that student is cleared for residency programs in US hospitals. The entire science curriculum at the Xavier University School of Medicine is USMLE based and in combination with the Didactics, Grand Rounds and other educational programs offered, a student at Xavier finishes the program well prepared to pass both steps of the USMLE exams.

Consider pursuing your studies in medicine in the Caribbean. The friendliness of Aruba’s people is legendary, the weather is as near perfect as it is possible to be, and the Xavier University School of Medicine is uniquely prepared to provide not only a top rate medical education, but the chance at a residency in the United States. Studying in Aruba is the perfect combination of practical and exotic. Practical because you will gain a top rate medical education geared at preparing you for the USMLE exams and exotic because you will be studying in one of the Caribbean’s most popular island paradises.

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