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Baby Beach – A Local Favorite

For anyone planning on taking a vacation anytime soon, one of the best places people love to go is the beach. There are a lot of very popular places around the world that gather crowds, but one of the most beautiful places to visit is Baby Beach in Aruba. It is a favorite of locals, which always means that it is the best. It is located on the southeast end of the island and actually is a lagoon. The best part about it is that the water is so calm that it is perfect for children, as well as new-comers to snorkeling.

One of the main things people take into consideration when planning a trip to the beach is the water. The water at Baby Beach is known for being clear and clean. Photos of the water are breathtaking because of how blue it is. The sand also is the perfect white sand that people love to have at beaches. Because of this calm and clean water, this is the perfect vacation spot on Aruba for families. You will not have to deal with the large crowds at the larger beaches, yet you will get the full beach experience for your little ones. The water also is fairly shallow in most sections.

Another great aspect of Baby Beach that is sure to draw your attention is the great snorkeling nearby. Because the water is so calm and shallow, it is the perfect place to go for beginners. Once you get the hang of it, you can venture out a bit and see what locals say are some of the best coral formations on the entire island. The variety of snorkeling for beginners and experts makes it a great place to learn because you are not stuck in one small spot that has nothing to see.

Baby Beach is away from the huge hotels and resorts, so you will have to pack a bag before you arrive. There is a small food shack, but you might want to bring your own for variety. You will need all your gear if you plan on snorkeling, also bring beach towels. The view will be well worth the small bag you will have to pack because you will not see it anywhere else. It is just a matter of time before this beach explodes into popularity for tourists. You will want to make sure you were here before that happens.