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Surfing – Surf Where the Locals Surf

Although Aruba is an island, the surfing here is best left to the experts. That is because of the coral reefs that surround the island. If you do not know what you are doing, you run the risk of injuring yourself on the reefs. For those of you who know how to surf, one of the best places is Dos Playa, which is where the locals go to surf. This is located on the eastern side of the island, which is the opposite side of all the resorts and hotels. The island is small though, so it is not a big deal to rent a jeep for a day and drive over.

This beach has a rocky coastline that makes for great views as well as great surfing. The waves are possibly the best on the entire island because of how consistent they are. You should have at least some experience before you try your hand at this beach because the waves can get large. The great thing about Dos Playa Beach is that swimming is extremely dissuaded, although not prohibited. You will not have to worry about swimmers getting in your way. This mainly is because of the beach’s location because people are not likely to drive here just to swim when they can do so at the beach at their hotel.

Another great beach to explore via surfing is Rogers Beach, which is near the southern tip of the island. There are rocks here, so you still have to be careful, but the waves can get nice. There are reefs here, so you only should surf this if you have experience with reefs. It makes is different from other surf locations. If you can find a local out in the water here, he might be able to give you tips on dealing with the reef. They will have done it before so they will know which parts to avoid and which parts are great.

If you get to Aruba and the waves are not what you thought they would be but you still want to surf, you could spend your day wind surfing or kite surfing. These are all the rage in Aruba and you still will feel as if you got to surf. Surfing in Aruba will be a great experience and a wonderful way to spend your vacation. You even will be able to sight see the island on your way to your locations.