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Why Aruba is the Jewel

While the other islands of the Caribbean have a high number of visitors, none can boast as many repeat visitors as Aruba. This is because everyone feels so welcomed the second they arrive. They are treated so much better than anywhere else because the people are just so friendly. The main draw to this island of course is the beaches. There are several that are worth seeing in person because photos just cannot do justice. The beaches themselves have such variety to them as well. There is one that is perfect for relaxing, while another is a great family beach. Yet another beach is perfect to enjoy water sports.

History is something that draws people to this part of the world as well. People seem to fall in love with the storied history of the Caribbean, especially the pirates. Of course they no longer are here, but people still love to see the historic buildings and the museums. Aruba can offer all of this. There is so much to see here other than the beaches, which is why so many people return here. They only could see so much their first trip that they needed to plan another one to see everything. If you planned on going just for the beaches, you might want to rework some museums into your schedule of events.

Another aspect that makes Aruba such an appealing vacation island in the Caribbean is because of it location. It is located just outside the hurricane belt, so it does not have the storm threat that other islands in this region face. The beautiful beaches can be enjoyed year round here. It also does not have extremely high temperatures in the summer like other islands. This makes it a great vacation spot for everyone because even people who cannot take immense heat will surely enjoy themselves here.