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The Best Of The Aruba Sea Jazz Festival

On Friday and Saturday, October 8th and 9th, 2010, the Aruba Sea Jazz Festival will take place. The festival takes as its inspiration the first Aruba Jazz and Latin Music Festival which occurred between 1986 and 2001. Guests will be treated to a diverse range of musicians for two evenings. A past headliner of the festival is Michel Camillo, the famed composer and pianist. He won both an Emmy and Grammy prize. Other past performers include JEMM, Robert Jeandor and the Solo Banda Show, Delbert Bernabela, Antonio Bellow Blues and Randal Corsen.

What's on this year? There is a very exciting line up. To give you a taste of what to expect, here is an introduction to two of this year's performers, Marcus Miller and Isaac Delgado.

The fans are looking very forward to seeing a performance by Marcus Miller. Recipient of the 2001 Grammy for the Best Contemporary Jazz album, he is a renowned musician. He was born in 1959 in Brooklyn and was raised in Jamaica, NY. He had the benefit of being surrounded by a musical family. As a matter of fact, he is related to a jazz pianist who often accompanied Miles Davis, Wynton Kelly. Unsurprisingly, Miller played instruments from an early age. By thirteen, he was playing piano, clarinet and bass guitar. The latter was his favorite. He also started composing music.

Miller has collaborated with an extremely diverse group of musicians. These include Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, David Sanborn, Grover Washington Jr. And Bob James. Miller has played bass guitar on recordings for Bryan Ferry, Maria Carey, Elton John, LL Cool J, Frank Sinatra, Joe Sample, McCoy Tyner and Bill Withers. He even spent two years touring with Miles Davis in the early part of the eighties.

With his excellent ear for music, it comes as no surprise that Miller turned his hand to producing albums. Voyeur, by David Sanborn, is one of the first of Miller's production projects. It is also one of the most famous, earning a Grammy for Sanborn. To follow were other collaborations between Miller and Sanborn, including Close Up, Up Front. Then came Inside, which won another Grammy.

Isaac Delgado will also be performing, an event eagerly awaited by audiences. He began professional performance in 1983 with Orquestra de Pancho Alonso. It gave Delgado a taste of touring and recording an album. Later, in 1987, Delgado joined Galaxia as a vocalist. The following year, he became the lead singer for NG La Banda. The band release three albums and received the EGREM prize.

Delgado began his own band in 1991. Dando La Hora was the first album and received an EGREM prize in 92. The album, Con Ganas, followed and received two more EGREM prizes in 93.

This is just a sampling of the performers at this year's Aruba Sea Jazz Festival. It's not hard to see how much this venue has to offer its audience. Of course, in addition to the great music, concert goers will appreciate the gorgeous climate and surroundings of Aruba. To top it all off, the festival is very affordable. An early bird ticket costs $20 for one night. Two night tickets are discounted to $35.00. This early bird special is available until September 30.