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Enjoying A New Sport With Xtremewinds

One of the most popular places for a vacation is on the island of Aruba. Situated in the southern part of the Caribbean it has excellent climate all year round. Among the many experiences enjoyed by the visitors is the Xtremewinds high kitesurfing.

High kite-surfing is new to many people who visit the area for the first time but is well known throughout the world by those who enjoy this particular sport. In 1910 an Aruba Hi-Winds Competition was held and is reported to be the biggest windsurf-and kiting-amateur competition ever held in the Caribbean. Since the island lies in the area of trade winds there is a constant eastern wind which makes it ideal for the sport.

Kitesurfing, also called kiteboarding, is a surface water sport. The rider stands on a surfboard or kiteboard and is pulled through the water by a kite, blown by the wind. There are a large number of riding styles that can be used according to a person's desires or ability. For example wave riding, which is focused on big waves, has a special board for that purpose. There have been many safety features added over the years such as safety releases and special instructions to insure safety for the user.

The wind conditions blow on the coast of Aruba consistently making a perfect setting for this kind of activity. Almost all of the natives engage in this sport and have a 10sqm kite for the purpose. This is the size that is also recommended for tourists as it is not only practical but, combined with lines and a bar, takes up very little room in a backpack.

Fortunately, there are kitesurfing lessons available as well as a place to purchase all the gear necessary for this exciting adventure. Rentals are also possible which makes it much easier than trying to transport the gear when leaving the island. Renting for several days is much less expensive than renting one day at a time or purchasing the gear.

One can travel to Aruba by airplane or by boat and is a unique island to visit. There are no large cities and very little precipitation so one can expect warm and sunny weather with a tropical marine climate. There are a number of luxurious hotels/resorts, golf courses, spas, casinos, music festivals and many other exciting events to enjoy after a day of kitesurfing.

There is nothing more exciting than enjoying a new sport. Those who try Xtremewinds high kitesurfing become hooked on the excitement of being pulled through the water by a wind filled kite and enjoying a new experience. Aruba is an ideal place for this activity with its perfect winds and climate as well as its friendly people and excellent accommodations.

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