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Divi Aruba All Inclusive – More for your Money

Taking a vacation in the Caribbean can put a real dent in your wallet, but having a few tricks up your sleeve can really pay off. The Divi Aruba all inclusive resort is one such trick, as it provides travelers and vacationers with a reasonably priced way to spend an amazing couple of days in what is essentially a tropical paradise. There are honeymoon packages, family packages, and even business and golf deals that will allow you to access more activities and fun for less overall cost. In this article, we’ll take a look at a couple of the advantages of staying at the Divi Aruba, and what you can expect from some of their package deals.

The Divi Aruba all inclusive deals come with more than enough for anyone to do – especially since when you get an all inclusive package, you get access to a second adjacent resort. These two resorts combined provide you with over seven individual bars with unlimited beverages for kids and adults, several freshwater pools with water sports, the Divi Winds Fitness Center, which is fully equipped with a climbing wall and an exercise room, a full day spa, and much more.

There are three full meals a day included at any of the ten restaurants, with free snacks throughout the day whenever you should want them. These restaurants can vary from fine dining experiences in either air-conditioned interiors or beachfront patio tables to simple outdoor grills that serve hamburgers and hot dogs. You can experience local cuisine at the Pelican Terrace, or stop by the Coco Bar and Grill for a quick bite before the day’s activities. There are other dining options such as Asian, Italian, and Lounge settings with those who want a particular type of taste. The Divi Aruba all inclusive resort includes all of these in your packages, and all the meals are complimentary.

The Divi Aruba all inclusive packages include honeymoon deals for those who were recently married, family packages for those who want to get the kids an extra room (there’s even an activity camp to keep them out of your hair during the day), and a golf package if you want to shoot a couple rounds with your business pals. Whichever deal you choose, there is no place like Aruba, and no way to experience it in a more cost-effective manner than to get an all inclusive package.