Despite the popularity of Aruba romantic getaway, most people find that it is not nearly as crowded and industrialized as they expect it to be. There are certainly areas that are considered the hub of activity as Palm Beach, but that is really a very small part of this 70 square mile island. There are conservation and building programs in place that prevent overdevelopment. Aruban hospitality is known worldwide. People are friendly, the atmosphere is casual, and most of the local population speaks at least two if not three languages, plus Papiamento, the local tongue. Many of the hotel and resort owners study hotel management in Europe.

As a result, even the largest establishments are efficiently run, while holding onto a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Whether you are considering taking your vows, indulging in a tropical honeymoon, or looking for a destination for a special vacation, an Aruba romantic getaway is just a short plane ride away. If you prefer, you can spend a few days on the island as a stopover from one of the cruise ships. Many of them provide the option to disembark from one ship and join another several days later. This allows you to have two vacations in one. 

Although children can be fun, there are many accommodations that are for adults only. They are often located in quiet, secluded areas with access to their own private beach and facilities. Most have specialty Aruba romantic getaway packages that include champagne on arrival and discounts on spa services and tours. If you prefer something a bit more livelily, try one of the resorts that are located within the capital city of Oranjestad. They are located within walking distance to many restaurants and casinos. There is an upscale, duty-free shopping center not far away and the beach is just down the block. 

From colonial or modern to eco-friendly, there is a variety of decor and atmosphere to choose from when deciding on your Aruba romantic getaway. Rent a car or catch a bus to one of the local beaches where you can catch a few hours basking in the sun, or kayaking near the shore. For dinner, sample international cuisine prepared by some of the best chefs in the world, or order dinner in and watch the sunset from your balcony. Dance the night away at one of the popular clubs, or spend it stargazing on the beach. Whatever your preference or mood, the choice is yours.