Locating Aruba in the map may take you a long time because it is a small island surrounded by the enormous deep blue Caribbean sea. It is a tropical land in the southern part of the coast, which was developed for water activities like wind surfing, scuba diving and jet ski riding. However, what Arubans took pride most is their bars. The best bars in Aruba are a haven for tourists day and night. Let's take a sneak peek to the bars in a paradise-like island.

Night life is very popular hobby in all ages. It comes in any reason like escaping way from a family's feud, acquaintance meeting with long lost colleague or friend, rejuvenating self from the stressful work shift or just let the night pass with some jam. Some may drink their heart out; others may drowning the consciousness to numb absences or perhaps, taste the bitterness of liquor in their dried throat. In times like these, a bar is what you need and bar is where to go.

Aruban bar is located mostly in downtown, accessible to local people, tourists and bar hoppers. Some are clean, others are filthy. Bars are often complemented with discos or live bands. But most of all, liquors in any sizes, alcohol contents and mixes are the highlight. There are plenty of bars to choose from. Local owners intended to open this sort of business because apart from the idea that Aruba is one of a tourist spot, this became a culture that they lived on.

From beers to cocktail drink are served for the satisfaction of a drinker. Cost to these drinks varied depending on the drink asked but still affordable for a vagabond. Mixes of lemons, tropical drinks and wines are anticipated to the bartenders, flaring wine bottles here and there. Another sort of entertainment for bar hoppers.

The exotic foods are very superb. Sizzling dishes with smoking hot toppings often complement the chilling drinks. Sumptuous as it could be, the serving can just cost a few dimes and food arrangement is great. Cooks are in great precision to get the searing flavor of an off coast dishes. Seafood is their best specialty and once tasted, you may just want to ask for more.

Live bands are even showcased in some special cases. Reggae, jazz and hip hop often beat the dance floor that makes the whole night out a very perfect on. The disco lights encourage the people to kick their feet on the rhythm of music. No wonder, you would really enjoy and won't resist the indulgence to go with the beat.

Throughout the night, though everybody is enjoying the great party, local police still do their job to insure peace and orderliness of every bar. Securities in every establishment kept on guard with the vicinity. In case of accidents, local hospital/ rescue are always ready of any abrupt incidence. The local government insures every tourist is safe day or night.

Overall, the best bars in Aruba became such delight for a traveler. A great mixture of beautiful culture, foods, drinks and bars you can always look forward going back. Save the next exploration to Aruba, a paradise one can be proud of, a haven of joy and jammed packed exciting scenery.