Marine Life At Aruba Holds Many Stunning Surprises

There are holidays where you put your feet up, soak in the Sun and relax. You can be pampered in the spas and go out and paint the town red at nights. You enjoy different cuisines and enjoy the architectural sites that your holiday destination has to offer. Of course there’s a huge attraction about these holidays and you can do all of that when you come to Aruba. But many travelers coming here are expecting something extraordinary, they want to have experiences that they don’t get elsewhere and exploring Marine Life At Aruba is definitely one of them.

For starters, waters around the island have a visibility up to 30 meters in decent conditions. That’s why Aruban coast is conducive to activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Many enthusiasts make the most of this opportunity when they come here and you shouldn’t be left behind either. Marine Life At Aruba is expansive primarily because of the long stretch of the Coral reef on the West coast stretching from the California reef to the Baby reef. There are varying dives from 5 meters to 45 meters, making it ideal for beginners and regulars too.

Many have described the Marine Life At Aruba as extravagant and a sight to behold. You will be able to see morays, eagle rays and manta rays, parrot fish, angel fish and lobsters too. The Corals are in a good state and on the North West coast you will find seagrass fields, which are not only a home to exotic hawksbill, red and green loggerhead turtles any time of the year but you will also see leatherback turtles during the nesting season. All this makes the marine life colorful, exciting and exotic for beginners who are diving for the first time.

However regular divers can explore the other side of the island where they will find a couple of wrecks. There are organized boat trips to both these wrecks and one to the German freighter, Antilla is particularly popular amongst diving enthusiasts. If you have been diving in the past you will know that such treasures are rare to find and it’s an experience you cannot miss. What’s more, you won’t have to spend astronomical amounts to explore Marine Life At Aruba, which makes it quite accessible to all tourists coming here. You will realize Aruba has so much to offer not only on the island but underneath its stunning waters too.