In-Aruba Travel Portal

S.E.Aruba Fly 'n Dive is a tourist site with much interesting activities. It is widely known for its diving activity. However, there are other activities and up coming projects. It offers you with an opportunity to learn of the naturally occurring resources of the Dutch Caribbean as well as its beautiful scenery.

If you have always been toying with the aspirations of being a diver or carrying on with your education, then you need to be delighted to dive on Bonaire, Curacao or Aruba. Their eminent and proficient international tutors can educate and enlighten you on how to do it. They offer recurrent boat expeditions to different diving sites around the islands. The certified divers enjoy this.

It also offers a variety of options. These include wrecks, gentle slopes, vertical walls and shallow reefs. Numerous divers across the globe concur that it is the best ruin destination. It presents the leading ruin destination in the Caribbean. An example is the Antilla which is just 60 feet below. It was the German freighter of length 390 feet. At night, these wrecks have an amazing sight.

Aruba has the highest product offering as well as customer standards. It remains to be certainly the best tourist attraction site. As a state geographic diver, it is your wish to integrate with a faction of elite conservationist, adventurers and explorers. That opportunity is only available here. The preparations and insights you receive during this course increase your knowledge and skills to new levels.

To stay abreast and give good services, it has opened a new school. It is specifically for diving and is situated in Oranjestad, near Havana Beach Club. The visitors here are always excited with the stunning environment and fabulous sight. An airport near by also immensely contributed to its name.

They have 3 boats. There is a thirty two footer which can carry twelve divers for 2 tank dives. Another one which measures 44 feet in length can carry twenty five divers for the same. The other one is the largest among the three with a higher capacity. When you get there with a cruise vessel, you are likely to be picked up at 8.30 AM from the terminal and be returned to the dive vessel at Havana Beach. After the 2 dives, you are alighted at the original terminal at 1.30 PM.

It is noted that the divers and the fliers take vacations to S.E.Aruba Fly 'n Dive as a result of the added features they experience. It is the only dive store which owns a nitrox fill up post on its own. They are also proud of being the only ones to offer an Instructor Development Course. Since they do it with enthusiasms, they out compete their rivals.