Aruba, an island which is just 27 kms to the north of Venezuela is one of the main countries of the Netherlands kingdom. Aruba is known for its virgin natural beaches and clean and beautiful cities. It is undoubtedly one of the world’s best island getaways. One is sure to enjoy the typical European flavour and the friendly local population. 

Aruba airport lies just outside the capital city of Oranjestad and is very well connected to the major cities in the USA, Netherlands, Venezuela, Canada and the rest of Europe. The transport system is great and it is very convenient to travel from one place to another. There is an excellent air conditioned public bus transportation network called Arubus and finding a taxi from the airport is very easy. 

This island is 21 miles long and 6 miles wide and attracts people from all across the globe for an unforgettable experience. Aruba enjoys a tropical climate with an average yearly temperature of approximately 82 degree Fahrenheit (28 degree Celsius). The weather here is never too hot because of the trade winds from the Atlantic Sea. Aruba lies outside the hurricane belt in the Caribbean where the rainfall hardly ever crosses 500 mm and this ensures there are tourists all around the year. 

For those who love a relaxing holiday and also for the ones who love adventure, Aruba is the place to be. Aruba beaches never fail to impress anyone and have something for all visitors. The beaches in the East and the North West of Aruba are great for surfers and kite boarders whereas the relaxing beaches on the South Western side are most apt for relaxing activities like swimming. For those who are into adventure sports such as jet skiing and snorkelling, Aruba is the place to visit. Most of the beaches have great restaurants and beach bars where one could relax. One can choose from the wide choices available- there is the Palm beach, Eagle beach, Manchebo beach, Druif beach, Rogers beach, Havana beach and the Baby beach. 

One can get pampered at top class hotels and resorts. Aruba has some of the best resorts and hotels in the world. For those not wanting to spend a lot, there are plenty of choices available as well. Most of the hotels have a number of deals throughout the year and offer various discounts on extended stays. For the party animals, Aruba has a lot to offer. The night life here is very happening and entertaining for all. Most of the hotels and resorts have discos, live bands, and bars which are open till late nights. For those who like gambling and casinos, Aruba does not disappoint them either. There are a number of Casinos where one can try his luck and get lucky!

For those who like adventure, there is a lot that Aruba offers in the form of its rugged landscape and archaeological sites. One can rent out a mountain bike and explore these beautiful sites. There are also a number of museums for the art lovers.