Are you scouting for good vacation places? Give a break to the regular tourist destinations and try something new this time. 

What about a nice trip to an exotic island that is located far away from the hustle bustle of the cities? It is possible only with the Aruba Island. People who love white sandy beach shores will surely fall in love with Aruba. It is situated near the Atlantic Ocean and boasts of rich culture and natural landscapes. Though there are many tropical islands across many shores, Aruba stands out because of its history and its people. The place is no less than a city but is proud about excellent tourist attractions. 

There are national parks, underwater aquariums, water adventures and many others that keep you busy in the Aruba Island and allow you to enjoy yourself thoroughly. In fact, this tropical island always sees dry climate and the landscapes are rich in cactus plants. Though you get the feel of a desert, the island has plenty of must-see places. 

Dutch is spoken extensively in Aruba island and it is the only place in the entire Caribbean where Spanish too is spoken. Out of thousands of tourists who visit the Aruba island every year, 60% are said to be Americans and the rest of them come from other parts of the world. Since the island has the Queen Beatrix International Airport, it is easy for people to fly from anywhere to Aruba and get back after their trip. 

Recently, the hotels and resorts in the Aruba island have realized that a huge number of families fly to this island every summer and they almost stay for a month. To attract more customers and bring them back again and again, the hoteliers have collaborated with each other and started a new family package. It is known as the ‘one cool family vacation’ where the family can avail free gifts and offers if they stay in the resort or hotel for a long time. That way the family can save a lot of money. 

Another reassuring thing about the Aruba island is its low crime rate. There are plenty of Caribbean islands that suffer from various crimes on women and children and the government is still making efforts to nab mischief mongers. But Aruba doesn’t come under that list and the law and order on the island is impeccable. Not a single citizen or tourist will face problems and they are guarded by police round-the-clock. You can be assured about your safety and you can come back home without facing troubles. 

The Aruba island has been named as the ‘jewel of the Caribbean’ because of these reasons and is touted to be the pride of the Caribbean. The citizens too are co-operative and they will ensure that you enjoy your trip and have fun. Aruba is surely a great place for you and your family and you are bound to come back to this tropical island for another vacation.