Aruba has a lot to offer as a vacation destination. One of the more popular water sports that are growing around the island is kite surfing. Extremewinds offers exciting packages that include classes for beginners, intermediate and expert kite surfing trips, and accommodations at affordable prices.

Some of the more popular kite trips include Downwinders, beginning in Barcadera and running to Fisherman Huts or to Arashi, Barcadera, and Boca Grande. Downwinders allows one to enjoy between 9 and 12 miles of beautiful beaches in relatively calm waters. Barcadera is a sheltered island with a reef that creates a calm pool where riders can practices traveling upwind and jumping. Boca Grande is the most popular location and is ideal for beginners or advanced riders who desire the chance to push their personal limits.

Accommodations are available in different price ranges to meet any budget. Low budget housing is available near Noord, just five minutes from the beach at Fisherman's Huts. The house is nice and clean, located in a kiteboarding friendly environment. Bathroom facilities and kitchens are shared among guests.

For those seeking apartment accommodation, there are houses available near Noord that feature private bathrooms. The kitchens, however, are still shared. VIP housing is available in many hotels in the Bakval area. Suites include one or two rooms and include private baths and kitchens. There is also access to a swimming pool and common room.

Xtremewinds also offers three different levels of private instruction in the art of kite surfing. Beginner lessons introduce students to the kite and help them learn how to control the flight. Lessons are provided by trained IKO instructors. Intermediate lessons upgrade students to larger LEI kites. These kites are appropriate to the strength of winds encountered around Aruba. Students are taught the basics of kite control, body dragging, water relaunch, and self rescue. Advanced students are exposed to continuous down winders in both open water and short spaces. The are allowed to work on perfecting water starts and learning how to stay upwind.

Xtremewinds has its base in Noord on the northwest side of the island. They also have launch points scattered about the island to take full advantage of wind conditions on each side of the island as well as providing for the riding level of the guests. The will pick up guests, take them to the beach destination, and return them directly to their hotel at the end of the day.

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