Aruba is one of several island destinations in the Caribbean that has tourism as one of the cornerstones of its economy. It is a former Dutch colony. Due to its close ties with the Netherlands, many of the laws are similar. One of these laws is the fact that prostitution is legal. Therefore, there are brothels in Aruba.

Because prostitution is legal, it is regulated by the government's department of public health. This means that all the girls are required by law to be tested periodically for STDs. In addition, they are required to make all their clients use condoms as a safety precaution.

Prostitution is not only legal, it is a respected profession for women in this region. The ladies report their income and pay their taxes just as workers in other industries do. They are entitled to respectful treatment from clients and men who would become clients. They are not to be degraded or looked down upon the way prostitutes in the US often are.

Families who are interested in traveling to Aruba need not be concerned that their children will see anything inappropriate. The vast majority of the brothels on the island are located on the other side of the island from the primary tourist locations. This means that tourists who seek the company of these ladies must travel across the island deliberately to spend time with them.

Some of the local establishments serve up more than sexual companionship. One blogger wrote about a shrimp dinner he shared with his wife in a nice restaurant. It was not until after they finished their meal that they learned they were in a brothel. Both were surprised.

Some establishments offer a wider range of options. There are a few that include special rooms for couples that are interested in trying out new things, including partner swapping. An assortment of prostitutes, both male and female, stands ready to fulfill the fantasies of tourists and locals.

Many of the girls that work in these establishments are not native to Aruba. In fact, the majority are of Columbian origin. Many work in this profession because they can make a better living than in any job available to them in their own country. They often are working to support their parents and/or siblings.

There are women of all races and a wide range of ages available. Teenagers are prohibited from working in legally established and licensed houses. Therefore, this is not a location that is friendly to those whose tastes run in that direction.

The brothels in Aruba have attained a status that is very different from anything found in the US or many European countries. Their workers are recognized as respected members of the community. They are protected by laws that require them to be tested as a matter of routine to protect themselves and their clients from diseases. In addition, they require all their clients to use condoms as a matter of protection for both parties. Prostitution is not considered to be degrading to the women in this region of the world.