If you want to live in a calm and peaceful place, the Savaneta apartments are just one of the places that you have to go. In case you haven't heard anything about it yet then it's time for you to read on. Let's take a closer look why guests say that these apartments are a place they can call home.

Before we begin, let's take a brief history about this town. Savaneta is the original capital and oldest town in Aruba. This is even the place where the Dutch first settled after they recaptured the island in the year 1816.

Today, you will see a few magnificent accommodations at a fair price within the area. Visitors can check out cabins that are already equipped with cable TVs, refrigerators, air-conditionings, kettles, toasters and utensils at around $500 a week. For around $95 per night, guests will already be able to take advantage of a double bedroom apartment garden view. It includes an air-conditioning equipped with full cooking facilities, cable TV and internet. A fridge, blender, coffee maker, water dispenser, dishwasher, washing machine, iron are also available for use. Guests can also get laundry and room services. Other than that, kayaks are also available for snorkeling. At a rate of $120 or so per night, visitors can already enjoy the same amenities with the breathtaking Aruban sunset and wonderful starry evenings since these apartments have some private porches located along the beach.

People can also find bars which are just a 5 minute drive to the furthest South side of the island named San Nicolas. There are even two supermarkets that are just on a walking distance from the apartments in Savaneta. Visitors can just get whatever they want.

In just a twenty minute drive from the apartments, restaurants like the infamous Flying Fishbone International Cuisine, Warung Jawa Indonesian Restaurant and ZeeRovers Fish Market can be found. They all offer delicious cuisines. There is no wonder why foreigners keep on coming back to these places.

Since these town apartments have snorkeling equipments and are located along the beach, people will always have the chance to explore the gifts of the waters. Foreigners can take pleasure in swimming and looking at the amazing coral reefs. They can even enjoy a unique diving, snorkeling and kayaking experience together with their love ones. Individuals can also use a boat for fishing, mermaid spotting and waterskiing.

Other than that, these apartments also offer several different services. They offer meditation and yoga lessons where people can feel their inner selves. They even have art workshops that can help develop people's creative sides. Event planning services for seminars, parties and weddings are also provided. These can happen in just one place and precious memories can never be forgotten.

The Savaneta apartments can absolutely offer the kind of privacy and luxury that everybody wants to experience. It's where different activities can be enjoyed away from the noisy, overcrowded and polluted cities. It's a beautiful and relaxing place that people can call home. There's no question why visitors claim how they always want to go back to the place.