Aruba has been very famous because of its crystal clear beaches, countless water sport activities, exceptional hotel and room accommodations and appetizing restaurant menus. Aside from those things, this island is also very famous for its yearly events that excite a lot of individuals from the different countries of the world. No wonder why it is one of the major tropical get-away of so many people. One of the events that most individuals look forward to in this place is the Aruba High Winds.

In June 1987, two Aruban entrepreneurs named Ruben Cross and Antony Blok planned and held a sailing event which turned into a success. When the Professional Boardsailing Association heard about its success, they authorized and even made the event as part of the 1988 World Tour. Ever since that happened, the Aruba Hi-Winds already became one of the biggest and most famous windsurfing events in the world. Well-known windsurfing champions like Bjorn Dunckerbeck, Robby Naish and Andres Bringdal even join or visit this annual event in Aruba.

The Aruba Tourism Authority supported the event through those years. The Aruban government even gave their full support to finance its activities and programs. There's no question why their goal to attract foreigners and the best windsurfers from different countries to come to the island of Aruba became very effective. Professional windsurfers were only the ones allowed to join in the event at that time.

Years after, the government had to limit their financial support to this annual event. So, in 1997, the organizing committee of the event opened their doors to interested amateur windsurfers so the event can continue. From then on, the once purely professional windsurfing event also became an invigorating and fun event. Kite-boarding and freestyle windsurfing was added to the Aruba Hi-Winds.

The event even became more famous. Year after year, more and more professional and amateur windsurfers flock to the island of Aruba just to improve their windsurfing skills. They also come to the event to check out and enjoy some other activities.

Last June 30 - July 5, 2010, the Aruba Hi-Winds 23rd Anniversary once again became a successful event. The Slalom, kite boarding and free styling racing events went very well. Even Jalou Langree, a professional kite surfer, demonstrated her skills and inspired a lot of amateurs to enhance or improve their skills for such kind of sport.

Other than that, a Jerk dance contest and body painting competition was also held. In addition, a Capoeira workshop and Bula fashion show even took place during the event. DJs and live bands filled the place with music and the restaurants mouth watering menus and drink stands also made the event even more successful.

The Aruba High Winds event has absolutely been inspiring several different individuals to keep their interests alive in windsurfing. This enlivening water sports will always keep the windsurfers keep on experiencing the adrenaline rush that they have always been looking. Each and every year, people will always remember the previous windsurfing events and will also look forward to the day when it will happen again.