It goes without saying that the fabulous weather and beautiful beaches of the island in the Caribbean called Aruba make it a favorite among travellers. Now there is yet more to see. The Aruba International Film Festival occurs in the summer, attracting international film celebrities as well as public figures. Past guests include the Academy Award nominated screen writer Guillermo Arriaga, the cinematic actor Richard Gere, and the Prime Minster of Aruba, Mike Eman.

In 2010, the festival happened from Jun 4th through June 11th. The following introduction of some of the featured films will give you a glimpse of what's on offer. Highlighted below are two interesting movies from the festival this year, Hachiko, A Dog's Tale and Boy Ecury.

A drama which has been directed by Leslie Hallstrom and written by Stephen P. Lindsey, Hachiko, A Dog's Tale is a warm hearted story. A main character is an Akita dog who has been abandoned at a train station. He is discovered by a professor, Parker Wilson. He takes the dog home but no one comes to claim him. The professor decides to name the dog Hachiko and gives him a home.

Accompanying his master to the train station each day on route to work, Hachiko soon displays his sweet, friendly spirit. One day, the professor says goodbye to his dog at the train station but does not return. He has passed away. However, the dog continues to go to the station every day for the next nine years.

This film revolves around the bonds of love between the man and his dog. It also features some interesting experiences with the people Hachiko meets on his daily travels to and from the train station. The lasting message is about loyalty and love. Hachiko is a Japanese tale that is the basis for this American adaptation.

Boy Ecury is a movie from the Netherlands. It was directed by Frans Wiesz and written by Arthur Japin. The premise for the film revolves around a boy from Aruba called Boy Ecury. His father who is a businessman sends him to live at a boarding school in the Netherlands at the age of fifteen. Then, World War II erupts and the Boy joins the Resistance. Eventually, he is captured and killed by the Germans, only days before the Liberation.

The film begins ten years later, following Boy's father, Dundun. He has arrived in the Netherlands to search for the body of Boy. However, the only details he has are that his son left this world with a smile on his face. Dundun is eventually introduced to Ewoud, the suspected killer of Boy. Unexpectedly, Dundun finds that his emotions for Boy are being projected on to Ewoud. This movie is based on a true occurrence. In fact, there is a statue commemorating Boy Ecury in Oranjestad. The story of Boy has also been adapted to television and a book.

The compelling features above are only a representation of what is in store at the Aruba International Film Festival. In addition to the beautiful weather and beaches, and celebrity guests, festival goers love the affordability. A lot of the films have ticket prices of around $7.00. There are more details on the Aruba International Film Festival on the Internet.