Aruban lifestyle may seem laid back and casual; however, the island comes to life at night. Every tourists needs to experience nightlife in Aruba which includes a variety of entertainment options. Aruba nightlife adds the perfect level of excitement to its otherwise quiet desert island persona.

The Happy Hours tradition

Aruba’s warm and friendly residents enjoy mingling with tourists at the beach and pier bars that line the island from downtown Oranjestad to the end of the high-rise strip. Happy hours are a tradition at the island’s bars and restaurants, which serve some of the most delicious cocktails and punches. Most popular are the cruises that depart from Palm Beach piers at sunset. If you are looking for a romantic interlude or a wild party, all you need to do is hop on board one of the cruises and enjoy Aruba nightlife to the fullest.

Aruba nightlife in downtown Oranjestad

The high-rise area competes with downtown Oranjestad when it comes to nightlife in Aruba. You can be sure to enjoy drinking and dancing at some of the trendiest venues that include karaoke bars, pubs, and upscale bistros. The island is home to some of the best Las Vegas-style casinos, complete with talented dancers dressed in brilliant costumes, where all the gaming action takes place with live bands in attendance. The strip comes alive at night with cafes, kiosks, restaurants, and bars entertaining visitors until the wee hours of the morning.

Aruba’s Bars & Clubs

As sunset approaches, nightlife in Aruba begins with Latin rhythms drifting down from terrace bars while other vibrant hotspots attract revelers with various genres of music. Partygoers have a choice of intimate taverns and rocking nightclubs to party the night away. Beach bars provide the ultimate atmosphere amidst the sea breeze and star-filled sky, an ambiance enough to give anyone a high. Bugaloe Beach Bar, located on De Palm Pier on the high-rise strip is a popular joint with great food, music, and drinks. Cafe The Pijp is much like an Irish pub at South Beach Mall. The bar offers an excellent entertainment atmosphere with plenty of karaoke, darts, and cable TV.

San Nicolas, Aruba’s second watering hole

Aruba’s second largest city, San Nicolas is home to Charlie’s Bar, a favorite hangout with scuba divers since the 1940s. The area’s hotels and resorts also compete for a share of nightlife in Aruba.

Aruba’s Casinos

The island’s casino scene adds to the already sizzling Aruba nightlife. Lively crowds throng to game tables for a shot at Caribbean stud poker and slot machines. Veteran gamblers and casual players have the opportunity to experience any array of options to pursue their luck with a roll of the dice or spin of the roulette wheel. Some casinos are open around the clock and are located at the large resorts. Others are open from 11 am through to early morning. Among the popular casinos is The Alhambra Casino with over 300 slot machines and an array of table games. Casablanca is another casino that opens at 10 am for slots. Table games are available from 4 pm to 4 am. To add to the excitement, Casablanca hosts a variety of live bands and big-screen plasma TVs. Bingo, Stud Poker, and Blackjack are popular games at the casino.