Pristine beaches and diving spots aren’t the only Aruba tourist spots on the beautiful Caribbean island. There is a wealth of things to do in Aruba with many natural wonders and other outdoor activities. From horseback riding to mountain biking and sightseeing, there are many places in Aruba that make it the perfect place for a vacation.

Natural Bridge

The 25-feet high Natural Bridge is made of coral and extends 100 feet across. The bridge was carved over the years by the pounding waves and is one of the most dramatic coral formations in the Caribbean. Even though the original bridge collapsed, the baby bridge offers spectacular views of the island.

Arikok National Park

Among the things to do in Aruba is a visit to the Arikok National Park. The park is blessed with an abundance of flora and fauna. Visitors have the chance to explore some rare wildlife on the biggest reserve on the island. Arikok is a great place for biking and trekking.

California Lighthouse

Among the famous Aruba tourist spots is the California Lighthouse located on the northwest tip of the island in an area known as Hudishibana. Although no one is permitted to reach the top, the lighthouse is one of Aruba’s scenic spots with picture-perfect views of the island’s sandy beaches, coral shorelines, and rolling sand dunes. It is also one of the best places in Aruba to watch the most spectacular sunsets amidst peace and tranquility.

Butterfly Farm

Located on the northwest section on J. E. Irausquin Blvd. is Butterfly Farm, which is home to over 40 species of butterflies from around the world. Visitors come here to enjoy the tropical gardens, Japanese ponds, and waterfalls, which make up the perfect environment for the butterflies that roam freely under a large mesh cover. The farm offers guided tours where visitors can experience a close encounter with nature. Kids will love the opportunity to enjoy a new experience observing new butterflies take their first flight out of their pupa. The farm also houses a gift shop.

Aruba Snorkeling

Undoubtedly, Aruba’s breathtaking beaches and warm waters offer visitors plenty of opportunities for water sports including snorkeling. The crystal clear waters along the reefs are a haven for snorkelers with a variety of species of fish to be found. Arashi Beach at the northern tip of the island, Baby Beach, Boca Catalina, Palm Beach, and Eagle Beach are some of the popular spots for snorkeling. Resorts around the beaches arrange snorkeling and scuba diving tours for visitors.

Archaeological Museum of Aruba

The tiny Caribbean island of Aruba has a rich cultural history well preserved at the Archaeological Museum of Aruba. The museum exhibits tools made from stone from 2000 BC and pottery and burial artifacts from 500 AD. Located behind Saint Fransiscus Church in Oranjestad, the museum is open only on weekdays.

Aruba Ostrich Farm

Kids would love a trip to the Aruba Ostrich Farm on the north east side of the island. Located close to Arikok National Park the farm offers a three-hour guided tour for a close encounter with ostriches and emus. As the birds romp around in their local habitat visitors are allowed to hand feed the always hungry birds. The farm has a restaurant and an art shop. Tours commence every half hour between 9 am to 4 pm all through the week.

Aruba Atlantis Submarine

Among the other popular tourist adventures is the Atlantis Submarine where tourists can experience underwater life on a two hour journey to depths of 130 feet. The submarine tour starts from downtown Oranjestad with up to 48 people on board the air conditioned submarine.

Casibari Rock Formations

Among the most popular Aruba tourist spots are the Casibari Rock formations located at the center of the island. Casibari and Ayo are the two boulder formations that represent the island’s version of Stonehenge. The area is accessible from Highway 4a to Ayo via Route 6a, located north of Hooiberg. There are walking trails and steps that lead to the top of the formation where visitors can enjoy the spectacular view of the island.

Cura di Tortuga

The large natural pool of Cura di Tortuga or conchi is located on a deserted stretch along the coast line. The area is accessible by foot, horseback, or 4 wheel drive. The pool is made by large rock formations that create a natural barrier that traps the ocean waves around it.

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