The tiny Caribbean island of Aruba is undoubtedly a vacationer’s paradise. The island’s sunny and warm weather welcomes tourists throughout the year to its sandy beaches. Most tourists take advantage of the consistency in the island’s weather, which is typical of the Caribbean, to spend time tanning at the beach. It would be prudent to learn a few facts about Aruba before visiting the island that plays host to over 1.5 million visitors every year.

Romantic Vacation

Couples seeking a romantic vacation have the perfect place in Aruba to enjoy some quiet moments together. Palm Beach, Malmok Beach, Eagle Beach, are among the best places to enjoy a romantic holiday with a variety of hotels and resorts close by.

All-year-round tourist destination

Any time is a great time to head for a vacation to Aruba. Temperatures hardly vary during day and night time and throughout the year as well. Moderate rainfall occurs during November and December, making it the perfect place to enjoy a holiday any time of the year. An average daytime temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and maximum humidity levels of 75 percent presents tourists with the perfect opportunity to enjoy a comfortable vacation.

Aruban culture

Aruba presents an eclectic mix of English, Dutch, Spanish, African, and Portuguese cultures. You need to visit the island to experience this incredible potpourri of customs and traditions. The Arubans are proud of their culture and are known to be fun-loving and friendly. Aruba facts indicate that there are ninety-two nationalities have made the island their home.

Festive season

Among the facts of Aruba that is no secret is the Aruban penchant for festivities. Arubans have a great festive season that begins with the dande for New Year and then on to the month long carnival celebrations leading up to the season of Lent. They celebrate the Dutch Queen’s birthday through the Sinterklaas in early December, leading up to Christmas.

Aruban way of life

True to Caribbean culture, life on the island is laid back and casual. However, life can be one big party for visitors who are not only welcome but also well respected by residents of the island. In return, politeness and acceptance of the Aruban way of life are all it takes to enjoy a vacation on the island.

Aruba facts about nudism

Nudism is not prohibited in Aruba. Topless sunbathing and swimming are permitted although not practiced by many. Most resorts do not permit any form of nudity on their premises.

Aruban nightlife

There is no dearth of hotels and resorts well equipped with modern amenities. Aruba’s shores are also lined with restaurants offering gastronomic delights set amidst a romantic and idyllic ambiance. Nightlife is also very much a part of the island’s lifestyle with a choice of entertainment for visitors including 24-hour casinos.

Best time to visit

While visitors can enjoy a vacation at any time of the year, the best time to avail of super discounts is during mid-April to mid-December, which is the low tourist season.

Drinking water

Aruba has the purest and safest drinking water that comes from its saltwater desalination plant, which is the second largest in the world. Although bottled water is available, it is discouraged due to environmental reasons.

Water sports

Aruba is a sportsman’s paradise with great opportunities for surfing and windsurfing. The beaches are always warm enough to swim or snorkel in. Eagle Beach is one of the top internationally known beaches that attract tourists from young socialites to well-known celebrities and families.