Aruba is one happy island which is reflected by its residents who exude a unique charm that is almost magnetic. The Caribbean island beckons one and all to experience a great vacation with its intriguing combination of white sandy beaches and sparkling blue water. Around 20% of the island is covered by the Arikok National Park which has plenty of trails for visitors to explore.

Aruba transportation options

Getting around Aruba is easy since the island has an excellent infrastructure. Transport in Aruba includes a range of taxis, buses, rent-a-cars, motorcycle and scooter rentals, all terrain vehicles, and air-conditioned motor coaches. Taxis have fixed rates and are always available at most vantage points and the shopping areas. Aruba transportation includes bus services are inexpensive. Buses are available to and from downtown Oranjestad and resort areas.

Aruba transportation ground rules

Visitors are required to possess a valid foreign or international driving license. Driving around the island is on the right side of the road. Free parking is available throughout the island. Much of the island can be explored by car, however, some areas such as the Natural Pool require a 4x4 vehicle. When driving a normal car, it is recommended not to traverse areas with huge rock or hill formations. These areas are better explored by jeep or an all-terrain vehicle with high clearance.

Public Buses and Taxis

Public transport in Aruba consists mainly of taxis and buses. The main bus station is in downtown Oranjestad from where buses ply between hotels and the downtown area. The bus station is ideally located across from the waterfront shops and restaurants. A round-trip fare between most hotels and downtown is around US$ 2.50. Many tourists use public buses because of their efficiency and low cost. Line services operated by a government enterprise, Arubus, ply between San Nicolas, Oranjestad, and the hotel region. During peak hours, over 14 buses operate along the route.

Mini Buses

Smaller, privately owned mini buses with 12 seats operate between San Nicolas and Oranjestad. These buses are part of the regular transport and are available throughout the day.

Motorcycle and scooter rentals

Aruba’s awesome weather entices visitors to remain outdoors. An integral part of Aruba transportation is scooters and motorcycles that can be rented through several agencies. Tourists can even opt to rent Harleys and enjoy a trip around the island. Scooter and motorcycle rentals are available at many places around the island. All you need is a regular driver’s license while helmets are supplied by the rental agency.

Car and Jeep Rentals

If you are the adventurous kind and willing to explore Aruba with your family and friends on your own, it is a good idea to rent a car, jeep, or all terrain vehicles. If you want to stick to the paved roads, then renting a normal air conditioned car is a good choice. However, for rough terrain you will need to rent a jeep or all terrain vehicles from any of the rental agencies which includes Avis, Hertz Aruba Rent a Car, Thrifty, Amigo, and more.