aruba-reef-apartmentsSavaneta Aruba is a little fishing village located on the southern coast. It is quiet and peaceful and just right for residents who enjoy a slower pace of life and getting to know their neighbors. One of the great advantages of Aruban life is the abundance of seafood. Some of the local restaurants are the haunts in Savaneta Aruba of people who ought to know.

The first of our picks is a place called Zeerovers. It is quaint, basic building that serves the catch of the day, which you pick out your choice from examining the various fish, and then it is specially prepared for you. Judging from comments by patrons, the result is spectacular. Fried barracuda with a light coating, seasoned to perfection was the hit of the day with an overlay of sizzling french fries. Another customer said their party ordered a meal that fed a party of 10 very well for a reasonable price. The food is good and the socializing is the reason for the stop.

The Flying Fishbone is the choice of those who enjoy outdoor seating and a romantic flair added to a delectable meal fit for any occasion. You can actually get a table in the water on the beach. You take off your shoes and your shoes and dangle your feet in the water. The food is among the best on the island and has rave reviews from patrons.

Saveneta Aruba was once the capital, but is now known as a fishing village. It is the location of the oldest house on Aruba. Fishing excursions can be rented, or if preferred fishing can be done in coves, lakes or rivers. Fresh fish of all kinds are abundantly available.

Aruba is a multicultural society with mixtures of people from the Americas, the Caribbean, and Latin America. The dominate culture of the island is Dutch, due to the conquering of the island in 1636. The local area became the headquarters for the Dutch East India Company with Aruba being a satellite from the island of Curacao.

The people of Aruba come from 40 different ethnicities from all over the world. Almost everyone on the island can speak English and Spanish, as well as Dutch which is the official language.

Diving is a popular activity in Savaneta. There are many charted dive sites and beautiful coral areas that are favorites for snorkeling and scuba alike. The island’s powers that be created a reef cleanup program in order to establish and underwater protected park area.

Even with more site seeing areas available on Aruba than just about anyone has time to visit, establishing a headquarters in Saveneta allows unrestricted relaxation and a slower pace that appeals to the population there. Once spending time seeing the tourist areas around the island, Savaneta is a good place to settle back into. There are enough good places to eat to last a lifetime. If fishing is your thing, that can also become a lifelong pursuit. Savaneta Aruba works well for enjoying life.

Source: Aruba Reef Apartments (picture)