A Wedding to Remember

With thousands of couples around the globe getting married each year and all searching for the perfect place to wed, it is no surprise that so many find their way to Aruba. Just the setting itself is paradise for any event and especially weddings. The pure white sandy beaches, the crystal clear blue water, the year round temperature of 82 degrees all combine for a wedding to remember. 

One such couple who just experienced that very thing is Carla and Tad Bohlen who call Tulsa, Oklahoma their home but chose beautiful Aruba as the place to exchange their wedding vows. The two were wed at a location known for its ceremonies, 14 acres of pure white beaches it was described as a dream wedding. The Bohlen’s are just one of many couples who come to this place known as one happy island to begin their new lives together and there are many places to choose from. 

Want to sky dive and get married? You can do it in Aruba. Want to say your vows and then ride off into a spectacular sunset on horseback or even a 4 wheeler? (Granted the latter choice is not nearly as romantic) You can do it in Aruba. Want to get married next to one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools in the world with a waterfall in full force to complete the picture? You got it, in Aruba you surely can. The island has seen a boom in its overall tourist industry and like any smart business people they have taken tourism and ran with it. Weddings are just a small niche of the overall tourist industry but it has become a large one and word of mouth is a big reason why. Couples come to Aruba then post their amazing pictures and story on Facebook or other sites and before long the whole world knows that weddings in Aruba are a picture perfect start to a life together.

So whether you plan your wedding on the spectacular island of Aruba or even just the honeymoon, you will not find a better place. The sunsets are incredible, the weather out of this world and the sun and sand can’t be beat. So make your plans now to jet away or sail away to this small island full of smiling people ready to welcome you with open arms. Aruba it is!

Aruba, A Windsurfing Paradise

If you have never seen a windsurfing competition you are missing out, even if you have no desire to take up the sport at all like most of us. Competitions take place all over the world and remind a lot of people of watching hot air balloons launching into the sky. Windsurfing competitions give fans and non fans alike a chance to lie back on the beach and watch sails of many colors dot the coastline. Aruba is a very cool place to watch some of the best in the world as they hold their version of the event every year called the Hi Winds Windsurfing Competition. 

This summer was the 23rd anniversary of this annual event which also happens to be the largest amateur competition for windsurfers in the entire Caribbean. It all went down at the Fisherman’s Huts and Boca Grandi on Aruba and had some of the best competitors from windsurfing and kite boarding from around the world. The fact that Aruba is known for trade winds that never die down but also calm seas is a winning combination for this sport. There were events in freestyle, long distance and course racing for both pros and amateurs alike. 

This event began back in 1987 as a truly professional race but the island realized that fun is more important than winning so in 1997 they made a change that really boosted the race’s appeal. They turned the event into a fun version which began to attract amateurs along with the professionals. After all fun is what Aruba is all about. Freestyle was added recently and everyone competes now for the King of the Huts competition. Kite boarding is the newest addition and has proved to be a huge success. By the way this new sport which is similar to kite surfing involves a person on a surf board being pulled by a kite. 

Aruba is known for fun in the sun and this event fits in perfectly. If there was not reason enough to come to this happy island then here is one more. So make some plans, grab your board (or if you are like most, just come to watch) and head on out to Aruba. The colorful sails add to the colorful sunsets and can make for a fantastic vacation for a few days to a week or more. For some, a lifetime of Aruba is still not enough.

The Tunnel of Love

The island of Aruba is known for many beautiful and adventurous sites from white sandy beaches to clear blue waters filled with tropical fish and ancient shipwrecks. One of the biggest tourist attractions though are the caves that dot this tiny island. Aruba is only nineteen miles long and six miles wide, but is filled with caves from tip to tip. One of the most famous is the Baranca Sunu Cave which locals call the Tunnel of Love. It is three hundred feet long and is found on the northern part of Aruba. In English, the name means ‘Naked Rock’. With five chambers deep inside, including one that resembles the Virgin Mary, the Tunnel of Love has become a big tourist attraction.

Don’t let the name fool you though, as the cave offers much more than just a chance for romance. Entering into the cave, you’ll find very steep and narrow stairs leading down into the dark and can be quite a challenge getting in and out. Currently, this famous cave is closed for preservation reasons while the island tries to reestablish its bat population. The two bats which are called Long Tongue Fruit Bats, and Insect Eater Bats, are very important to the island’s ecosystem as they help control pests that could bother tourists. 

Another popular cave in Aruba is the Fontein Cave, which has drawings of an Indian tribe called Arawak. A tour of this cave can give visitors a real sense of the history of the island. It’s believed that in this cave, with the red drawings across the ceilings and on the walls, that Indians held ceremonies and rituals there during the days that they inhabited Aruba. The Fontein Cave is definitely one that you should put on your list if you are planning a vacation to Aruba. 

The third cave that attracts many visitors is the Guadirikiri Cave, which is actually found at the base of a very steep cliff. With two chambers that are at times brightly lit by sunlight coming in through the holes in the top of the cave, this cave is also home to hundreds of bats. Like the Tunnel of Love cave, it is periodically closed so that the bats can reproduce in private. As you can see, along with the natural beauty of sand, sea, and waterfalls that Aruba has to offer, the caves are a great way to spend a day whether you are looking for a lesson in history about the island, or a time of romance.

A Win for the Island and Tourists

It seems that going green has caught the attention of the entire world, and that would include a tiny island in the Caribbean called Aruba. More and more hotels are becoming aware of the practices of going green and some are even referring to themselves as being “green washed”. So what does it mean to be green in a place that is already so isolated and beautiful as Aruba? Let’s take a look. 

If you would like to choose a hotel in Aruba that bills itself as a green resort, there are some things to look for. Does the resort help with the native environment? Some resorts offer their support to programs that protect native animals and might even be located on land preserves. Do they use renewable resources? That would include harnessing the sun for power, which makes sense in Aruba, and don’t forget about the wind! Aruba is known worldwide for its nonstop trade winds and some hotels are capturing this free power. It only makes sense that since the island attracts the best windsurfers from around the world to harness that wind for their sport, that hotels would do the same. 

Another thing to look for when choosing a green hotel in Aruba is transportation. Does the hotel use alternative methods like electric powered vehicles? Is the resort close to public transportation? Small things like this can make a big difference when it comes to going green. Another way that resorts in Aruba might take advantage of the climate is how the hotel is constructed. With weather as beautiful as it is on the island, and a year-round temperature of eighty-two degrees, it’s only natural that hotels built with open areas to take advantage of the nice cool breeze would be a winner for both tourists and the environment alike. 

Green technology is yet another method for reducing the amount of energy that a hotel or resort uses. Some hotels in Aruba may even be using in-room sensors that tell the power source whether or not anyone is in the room or not. This system can turn off lights and air conditioning even if the visitors might have forgotten to do so. Aruba is a fantastic island with beautiful beaches and crystal clear water. And, by going green, there is an even better chance that it will stay that way. So, pack your bags for a vacation to Aruba, and you just might be helping the environment at the same time!

Two Places You Can’t Miss

Want to discover Aruba? You have come to the right place. Here at In-Aruba.Com we help thousands of people like you discover what is known as one happy island. On our website you’ll find the best places to go, places you simply can’t miss, sites that have to be seen, restaurants that must be visited and beaches that will take your breath away. So if you’re ready to start planning a trip you will never forget, take a few notes and let’s plan together. 

There are so many ways to discover Aruba it’s hard to know where to even begin. Here are some of our favorites to get you off to a good start planning your getaway. So maybe slip your shoes off to get in the right frame of mind and let’s begin our journey. One of the most talked about places in Aruba is what is called Natural Pool. We’ll warn you right up front that it is not easy to get to so that might rule out some of you right off the bat, but for those a little more adventurous here we go. Natural Pool, like it sounds is a pool of crystal clear water filled with tropical fish and amazing rock formations. Be sure to bring your snorkel gear because that is at least half the fun of the trip. Getting there is not the fun part for most people as your tour guide (you can also rent a jeep and go on your own for the really adventurous) will drive you through windy roads and steep hillsides, a bumpy journey with a very worthwhile final destination.

We also really like something called The Antilla. This is a German freighter which was sunk during World War II and is the island’s most popular dive site. It is a great way to discover Aruba. You’ll see thousands of colorful fish swimming in and out of this ancient wreck and on a cloudy day it can even be a little spooky as well. (Don’t worry, cloudy days are rare). Many people who have snorkeled at locations all over the world call this very best and we would have to agree. 

Are you ready to discover Aruba? In-Aruba.Com is here to help you make it there and to bring home more pictures and memories than you can count. This island has been putting smiles on people’s faces for a very long time and there is no stopping in sight.