Take A Break in Paradise

Are you ready for a little time in heaven on earth? An Aruba vacation is just what you need to relax from your busy lifestyle and let your hair down! Take advantage of the gorgeous and never-ending sunshine by making sunscreen and your favorite bathing suit your two most important accessories. You will undoubtedly be spending a lot of time in the water during your tropical vacation in paradise, participating in exciting activities like kite surfing, wave running, snorkeling, sailing and water skiing. Every water sport you can imagine and hobby that is accomplished in the ocean—from deep sea fishing to surfing—can be found in Aruba.

Apart from the water activities, there are many things to do on dry land as well. The overall terrain of Aruba is a sight to see by itself. Rugged cliffs, fascinating natural rock formations, rough hiking trails and bike paths lined with prickly cactus abound on this island. Feel free to explore everywhere on foot, riding horseback or driving an ATV. Claim the wilderness on the island as your own playground to explore and discover natural sights you have never seen before. This will be a much-welcomed alternative to sitting in an office chair all day staring at a computer screen.

The next important part of an Aruba vacation is the opportunity you have to visit old mills, museums, ancient churches and go on other tours around the island. You may also want to take the time to play some land sports like golf, tennis, beach volleyball or biking. Feel the tension and stress leave your body as you practice your putt to the sound of lapping ocean waves or play volleyball along the shore. When your feet start to tire out, take a break at one of the local beach bars and order yourself a refreshing cocktail. Enjoy new flavors and appreciate unique company. Vacations are all about relaxing, enjoying yourself and meeting new people along the way.

After a satisfying but tiring day, treat yourself to a spa service in the evening. Your Aruba vacation is the perfect time to pamper and spoil yourself in a way you never would at home. Everything from pedicures and massages to facials and haircuts can be had at one of the many island spas. Returning home from your Aruba vacation should leave you looking and feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rigors of your everyday life once more. Learn more about how to enjoy this experience at http://www.in-aruba.com.

Out-Bound from Aruba

Your vacation to Aruba is one you will remember for a lifetime! Great memories are made by thousands of visiting families and couples every year. If you are planning a vacation to Aruba, you must come to understand the proceedings in the airport, both coming and going. Once your relaxing vacation has sadly come to a conclusion, you will need to prepare yourself for the departing flight. Arrive at the airport three hours early to prevent stress as you stand in the many lines that are built into departing flights from Aruba. Baggage check-in, passport and boarding pass review, security screening and US customs are just a few of the lines you must pass through.

Upon your initial arrival to the airport, check-in your baggage at the main terminal if you brought large enough luggage on your trip. Take your carry-on luggage with you. The next step is to pass through an Aruba customs checkpoint. As you continue to make your way through the airport, following signs to your gate, you will approach the first US customs checkpoint. The process that awaits you here is similar to what you experience in many US airports. Once through the line, you will retrieve your carry-on luggage and proceed through the line.

Once you pass through the first checkpoint, you return your luggage to another conveyer belt and pass through the second US customs checkpoint for security screening. This is the final checkpoint and once you are through here, you can pick up your luggage for the final time and proceed to your gate and await the departure of your plane. There is a bit of a mystery as to why there is a dual US customs procedure in addition to the one Aruba customs line, as all it really seems to accomplish is the necessity for an earlier arrival at the airport. This is something the hotel industry can take advantage of, as their guests must depart early enough to catch their flight, giving hotel workers all afternoon to prepare for arriving guests later in the day.

Whatever the reason for multiple US customs checkpoints when departing from Aruba, you must plan to arrive early enough to pass through these points without stress, rushing and possibly missing your flight. This will aid in bringing your fun-filled vacation to a successful conclusion and not put a damper on the great memories of your family trip. There is more information available at http://www.in-aruba.com.

Get Your Curiosity Satisfied

What questions to you have about the island of Aruba? If you are planning on traveling there in the near future, you should be sure to have all your pressing questions answered before you finalize any plans. Perhaps you are simply curious about how the island got its name or the opinion Aruba locals have of American tourists. Doing some fun research will help you enjoy your trip more when you travel there. Aruba is probably not the least expensive place you could choose to visit, and you will want to make the most out of your trip. A look at an Aruba forum can be perfect for satisfying your curiosity about this Caribbean island.

You may be interested in the origin of the island. Where did the name come from? How did the Netherlands come to have control of the island and in what year? You could rent a history book on Aruba from the library, or simply conduct a few internet searches. Or you could visit one knowledgeable location like an Aruba forum where people from all over the country and even the world come together to ask and answer questions about the history of Aruba.

For those of you who are not history buffs, this is certainly not the only topic addressed in an Aruba forum. As an American visitor to the island, you may be curious about the ideas the natives have about the United States. Tourists need to be aware of any animosity a particular country or region may have against their native homeland. Fortunately, American tourists can rest assured that natives of Aruba do not generally have hostile feelings against the country. This general consensus was reached on an Aruba forum where previous visitors to the island as well as experts on the topic provide answers to the questions of potential tourists.

No matter what question you have concerning the country of Aruba, it can almost undoubtedly be answered in an Aruba forum. Knowledgeable people operate the forum, keeping it up-to-date and relevant. You can always scan back through old entries to see what may still be valid for today. Many threads, like facts about the origins of the island, will be relevant forever while topics about Aruba’s opinion of America may change over time. This is why it is important to explore both new and older posts. See what is offered today at http://www.in-aruba.com/forums.php.

Providing Transportation

When traveling to and from Queen Beatrix International AirportAruba Airport Authority, the owner of the international airport, gives you several transportation options. No matter your budget or preferences, you can acquire adequate transportation to and from your hotel as you arrive on the island and when the time comes to say good-bye at the end of your vacation.

Renting a car is a popular option, as you can keep it the entire duration of your stay in Aruba. With the renovations Aruba Airport Authority is constantly completing to improve the ability of the airport to deliver satisfaction to the travelers that go through it each year, ten great car rental options are now available throughout the arrival terminals. Both international and local brands are represented so you can use the services of whoever you feel the most comfortable with. No matter the style of car you hope to rent, the airport car rental options have you covered. If you want to cruise around town in your small coupe, or if you prefer a 4x4 to traverse the rougher terrain, your options are limitless.

If you think you will not be driving all that much during your stay, a taxi service could be perfect, provided conveniently by Aruba Airport Authority. Get a ride to your hotel and summon a taxi later to transport you to a nearby golf course, to town in order to go shopping, or any other place you want to visit. The best thing about taxis is the rates are set and you do not have to concern yourself with the issue of parking. Taxi fees are charged based on mileage, not number of people being transported, though the maximum number possible in a single cab is five.

Both these options may be a bit out of your price range, and if that is the case, Aruba Airport Authority has worked to hire public transportation to give you a ride to and from Queen Beatrix International Airport. Bus stops are present just beyond the airport property and they are serviced frequently so you never have to wait an extended period of time for a ride to wherever you are headed. Aruba Airport Authority promises you that your visit to the airport and the shores of Aruba will be an enjoyable experience as far as they are concerned. Your time there will make you want to return again soon! Find out more at http://www.in-aruba.com.

Something Different To Do and See

You may think you have seen all the beauty Aruba has to offer by visiting the beaches, various shops and historical sites. However, there is more. The Aruba Butterfly Farm offers visitors a chance to be a part of an exciting habitat. It is a sight that is relaxing and educational as well as scientific and beautiful. Within a large mesh enclosure, you are able to be up close and personal with dozens of species at various stage of their life cycle.

At the Aruba Butterfly Farm you are immersed in a world of beauty. You are not observing form outside a glass window. You are on the inside actually entering their world. The vegetation alone is stunning, but look closer to see the life in it, on it and flying above it. Species you may never again have the chance to see such as the Blue Morpho are all around you. Don’t forget your camera as photo opportunities are endless. You even have the chance to handle some of the butterflies for a truly unique vacation photograph. Be sure to dress in a bright island color and wear some perfume to attract the most attention. Legend has it that if one lands on you, you will be granted a wish. 

The Aruba Butterfly Farm is peace and tranquility. The sounds of the water features, the warmth of the surroundings, the calm pace and demeanor of the guides all add up to one of the most relaxing activities of your trip to Aruba. The tour itself is a learning experience for visitors of all ages. The guide will show the life cycle from egg to fully fledged flying beauty. All the while you are surrounded by stunning examples of every stage in the process. If you are there early in the morning, you may even get to witness the miracle of birth.
The Aruba Butterfly Farm is located in Oranjestad and is easily accessible from all the major hotels. A guide leads you through the farm, explaining interesting facts and pointing out sights you may otherwise miss. The tour is leisurely and proceeds at a relaxed pace. This gives you all the time you need to fully enjoy the experience. You pay a onetime entry fee and are free to return as many times as you would like throughout your stay in Aruba. For more information on Everything Aruba, visit www.in-aruba.com.