Cruises To Aruba

There is a lot of pertinent information travelers should know about cruises to Aruba. Voyages to Aruba are popular cruise destinations. Aruba is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The temperature is always sunny and hot. The beaches are full of white sand. And the oceans are deep blue and filled with wonderful and exotic sea life. The people of Aruba are friendly and welcoming of visitors.

There are a lot of different activities to partake in on the island of Aruba. There are a number of different kinds of restaurants that serve different kinds of food. Aruba also offers plenty of fine dining options. There are also plenty of shops and boutiques for tourist to choose from when looking for souvenirs. Aruba also has a vibrant night scene. The island is lit up at night with casinos and nightclubs.

Aruba is a Dutch island the is filled with a Dutch influences, making this island very unique. Cruise to the island are very popular amongst the various ports of call. It is particularly a popular cruise destination during the summer as it is one of the few Caribbean islands that are not affected by hurricane season. Due to the islands southern location, the cruises tend to be longer excursions lasting a week or longer.

The main terminal on the island is Oranjestad. This terminal can handle the largest of vessels. Tourists have access to a lot of material that will help them navigate themselves once on the island. There are maps and brochures to restaurants and events so tourist can plan their time accordingly.

Before travelling on the island, tourists should be equipped with some basic information about the island. The official language of Aruba is Dutch. But English is prominently spoken as well as Spanish. The currency of the island is called the florin. Dollars can be exchanged on the island but dollars are excepted in most shops and restaurants. As far as the beaches, they are all public and available to tourists.

There is a lot to do once on the island. The cruises will offer brochures and pamphlets onboard that will detail all of the possible activities on the island. Tourists have plenty of water activities to choose from like deep sea diving, water skiing and snorkeling. There are also several tours visitors can join like various boat tours. There are plenty of sailing and catamaran opportunities.

There are opportunities to sign up for the various water sports and tours on the cruise ship. Or tourists can sign up once on the island. There are several day trips and excursions visitors can take. Some of these guided bus tours while others are walking tours. There are many different options available.

Cruises to Aruba are a wonderful way to spend a vacation. There is plenty to do onboard as well as the island. Travelers must be careful when visiting any port of call. There are merchants that look to rip off tourists, so it is advisable to know the value of basic items on the island. And tourists should never go on tours with the locals of the island, instead they should sign up with a reputable tour guide business.

Aruba Sports

If you are planning a nice family vacation to the island of Aruba, you surely cannot wait to take off and get there already. This beautiful tropical area is full of warm sun, gorgeous beaches, and plenty to keep you busy. While some of your crew might want to head to the pool with a towel and book, some of you might be expecting great Aruba sports to participate in.

When going out for a great vacation, you should know that every member of your family probably has their own ideas of what will make it enjoyable. Different activities appeal to different personality types and while some might prefer a relaxed trip, others like to be constantly on the move.

As you sort through the various hotels and resorts available that are within your price range, you should keep this idea at the forefront of your mind so you can pick somewhere that everyone will be happy with. If they offer a nice beach, an outdoor pool, shopping, sports, entertainment at night, and good food, then it is probably a safe choice and of course, the more they have to offer, the better.

For the active types who are looking to always be doing something, there are sports here that take place in the water and outside of it as well. You can almost always find a game of volleyball taking place on one of the many gorgeous beaches.

For activities in the water, there is scuba diving, deep sea diving, windsurfing, jet skiing, snorkeling, and kayaking. You can also find banana boats and water skis that attach to the back of a boat. This is definitely the place to go if you are looking for some fun in the water.

There are also other kinds of sports that you might not expect to see at your local baseball field or basketball court near your home. These include jumping on a trampoline while hooked up to two bungee cords, that allow you to flip and fly high into the air. To really feel like an acrobat, there are some resorts with a type of circus training program that also lets you try walking on a tightrope.

There are other activities that might suit your tastes more, such as horseback riding, which can take place on the beach and provide a stunning alternate view, as well as dancing, which happens almost every night at the fun and famous carnival. Most hotels will also offer golf courts and tennis courts for those who know what they like and want to stick with the familiar.

There is such a variety of Aruba sports on this fun-filled island, that you might find yourself participating even if you expecting to simply sit and lounge with your book. You cannot help but be drawn into the laughter and excitement emanating from all corners of this glorious island. In a place like this, almost everyone gets caught up with the fun whether they tried to or not.

The Man, The Rebel, The Fighter

As Germany spread its troops across Europe, conquering all in their path, the pockets of resistance began to grow as well. Men and women went into hiding, taking any chance to sabotage and attack Axis powers. Boy Ecury was one of the heroes in these underground factions, helping to pave the way to liberation.

When Segundo Jorge Adelberto Ecury was born in Orajestad, Aruba on April 23, 1922, no one could have predicted where his life would lead. He grew up in a very large and affluent Catholic family, who sent him away to school in 1937 because of his rebellious spirit. Boy, as he was nicknamed, along with his brother Nicky eventually attended the Brother of St. Louis in Oudenbosch, Holland.

After graduating with a diploma in commerce, Boy moved around Holland, visiting many areas including Rotterdam. While he was there, the German occupation began after the Nazi's destroyed the city and took control in May of 1940. Another student from the Antilles, Luis de Lannoy, met Boy in the nearby city of Tilburg at this time, and the two became fast friends. It was Luis who first introduced Boy to the underground resistance, who all together crippled German troops at any opportunity.

By 1942 it was too dangerous for the swarthy Boy to remain in Tilburg, and he moved on to Oisterwijk to join their resistance party. Luis stayed behind, but the men kept in touch by sending letters whenever possible. The Oisterwijk Resistance Council, along with Boy, continued to sabotage the Axis army by blowing up their trucks with homemade bombs and ripping up railroad tracks. They would also aid any allie pilots, soldiers, or other victims of the occupation that they encountered. The force that drove Boy and his comrades was that they had nothing to lose in their resistance, since nothing was worse than the current domination.

When Boy heard that his old friend Louis had been betrayed and arrested in early 1944, he traveled to the prison in Utrecht to free him. He was unsuccessful, and although Boy managed to remain free, Louis was stuck in the prison to be tortured and interrogated for information. Luis finally escaped in September of that year during the bedlam of Mad Tuesday.

Boy aborted his mission and returned to Oisterwijk to rejoin the opposition. He and the others traveled around from place to place, searching for shelter in safe spots. Boy's dark-skin put him in even more danger than the rest, and so he was transferred away again, back to Tilburg in October 1944. Allied troops had surrounded the nearby area, and soon after were able to liberate Oisterwijk. Though Boy had a chance to be freed as well, he decided to stay and continue the struggle.

There was an underground commando group called the Knokploegen in The Hague, which Boy left Tilburg to join. Together with these onderduikers, or freedom fighters, Boy took many courageous risks on missions, such as the attempted assassination of a leader of the Dutch NSB party, who supported the Nazi's. The members of the resistance would endanger their lives daily in hope of making a difference in the war and some did not survive.

On November 5, 1944 Boy was heading back to his hiding place after attending mass for the day, when he was attacked and arrested in front of the German security police building. He, like Luis, has been betrayed by a previous member of the rebels who had been captured. Boy was sent to Scheveningan where the prison guards tortured and interrogated him the rest of the day. It was clear that Boy would not give away anything, and so was shot to death on the Waaldorpervlatke plain the next day.

Years later, Dundun Ecury traveled to the Waaldorpervlatke to retrieve the body of his son Boy to bring him back to Aruba to be buried. In 1947 there was a burial ceremony for Boy, where he was awarded military honors. The city of Oranjestad, where Boy Ecury was born, erected a statue in his honor in 1949 and later built a war museum in which Boy was granted a permanent exhibition to celebrate their hero. A Resistance Commemorative Cross from the Dutch government was posthumously bestowed to Boy in 1984 to thank him for his sacrifice on their behalf.

Boy's legacy continues past his death through his nephew Ted Schouten, a film maker who took interest in the uncle he had never met. He talked with his grandfather Dundun and wrote a book 'Boy Ecury, an Antillean Boy in the Resistance' in 1985 which was reprinted again fifteen years later. Franz Weisz, a famous Dutch director, approached Ted to make a film about Dundun's search for his son after the war which came out in 2003 in the Netherlands.

Famous Arubans

Just north of the country of Venezuela, South America, lies the beautiful island of Aruba. This tiny country - which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - is amongst the Leeward Antilles of the breathtaking Caribbean Sea. Although small, this island is the home of a few world famous Arubans.

In the 1984 Summer Olympics, held in Los Angeles, California, Evelyn Farrell competed in the women's 100 meter foot race - commonly called the 100 meter dash. She finished her first-heat race in 11.94 seconds. Although she didn't advance to the finals, she set a record that will never be broken. She was the first female Aruban ever to compete in this event.

Major League Baseball is a very popular sport in the United States. In 1998, the career of famous Aruban, Sidney Ponson was launched as he first pitched for the Baltimore Orioles. Born in Noord, Aruba on November 2, 1976, he offered his 95 mile-per-hour fastball to many batters for over ten years. He retired from baseball only a few weeks ago.

Three years and 22.5 million dollars was what Sidney was worth to the Baltimore Orioles when he signed again with them for the 2004 season. Managing 14 wins and only 6 losses over the 2003 season gave good reason for Baltimore to want him back. Sidney played for seven teams throughout his illustrious career. Baltimore, St Louis, the Yankees, Twins, Rangers and Royals all used Sidney on the mound.

There is an oft-coveted medal that is awarded to the most noteworthy of Netherlanders. A breathtaking Knight's Cross - a high civil and military honor - is the equivalent of the "Order of the British Empire" to the people of The Netherlands. Sidney Ponson was one of three Arubans - who all played for Baltimore at one time - awarded the "Order of Orange-Nassau", also known as "The Orde van Oranje-Nassau".

Another recipient of The Orde van Oranje-Nassau is Gene Kingsale. Solito, Aruba was where Gene was born on August 20, 1976. He played baseball in the Major Leagues from 1996 until 2003. With a career batting average of . 251, this outfielder was an asset to the four teams he ultimately played for. Beginning with the Orioles and ending with the Tigers, Eugene Humphrey Kingsale also hit and caught balls for the Mariners and the Padres.

Gene's association with sports wasn't just with Major League ball. His skills and speed were an asset for The Netherlands when he participated in the 2004 Athens Olympics in Greece. During the 2008 Beijing games, Gene made his way to China as a member of the Netherlands Olympic team as well.

September 5, 1974 was the day another would-be star was born. Santa Cruz, Aruba is the hometown of yet another Major League Baseball player, Calvin Maduro. He pitched for the Phillies in 1996 and finished his five year career in June of 2002 with - who else but - the Baltimore Orioles. Baltimore must love Aruba! Calvin struck-out 140 batters as an MLB pitcher. Another Netherlands Olympian, he helped his country finish sixth - in the summer of 2004 - at the Athens Olympics. A true member of Baltimore's teams, Calvin now coaches pitching for the Aberdeen IronBirds, a Minor League Affiliate of the Orioles.

The island may be small - with under a hundred square miles of area and a little more than 100,000 inhabitants - but Aruba has managed to give the world some wonderful people. These famous Arubans are never-to-be-forgotten in the minds of many fans of Major League Baseball and the Olympic Games. They will forever be remembered on the little island paradise in the "Museo di Deporte" - Aruba's sports museum.

Jewelry In Aruba

One of the well-known tourist hotspots in the Caribbean is Aruba. Aruba is known to be one good shopping destination where tourists shop for cheap goods. Jewelry in Aruba is also famous and individuals come to buy unique pieces of gems. Prices of items in Aruba are offered in reasonable and discounted price. Tourists have definitely enjoyed shopping around.

Long ago, Aruba is famous for mining gold and that is where it got its name. Ore (Gold) and Ruba (red) makes up the name of Aruba. It has also been under the Dutch government. Nowadays, one might wonder where the gold mines are. It has all long been gone and Aruba is now one famous tourist destination.

Aruba is famous for fine jewelries and many tourists women come to shop for it. There are many unique pieces of gems for fine jewelries that are in Aruba. Some of these pieces are never found anywhere. Famous shops abroad may have it but its generally sold at expensive prices. Aruba jewelries are known to many as one of the best. Some individuals wish to possess one.

From fine jewelries, women also shop around Aruba for cheaper apparels. From designer clothes to local apparels, tourist will find the best deals. There are many shops around Aruba. From big shopping centers to local shops on the streets, various products can be seen.

Aruban locals are seen selling in the streets and along the beach. Local shops to antique shops showcase local handicrafts and antiques. Aruban handicrafts exuding Aruban-Caribbean designs are made from wood, metal wares and ceramics. These unique pieces make good souvenirs and decorations.

Aruban shopping of tourists becomes more enjoyable because most products being sold are tax-free. This is the reason for the cheaper goods in Aruba. Aside from the tax-free and discounted prices, Aruban tourists are tax-exempted when they go home.

The shopping capital of Aruba is downtown Oranjestad. These is where many shopping tourist flock because the best bargains are found here. Many shops sell products where prices can be negotiated between the locals and tourist buyers. Friendly Arubans are easy to deal with when it comes to bargaining prices.

Wooden windmills and European structures are also found in Aruba. Why, Because Aruban culture has historical roots with the Dutch in Holland. Aruba belongs to the Netherlands Antilles group of Islands. Dutch cheese and wooden shoes that exudes Dutch culture are found in Aruba until this day.

The island of Aruba has the beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Many tourist come for these aside from shopping. Many individuals want to experience the rich Aruban culture and mingle with the friendly locals. Many tourists kept on coming back to Aruba because of the wonderful vacation experience.

Coming to Aruba for whatever reasons is an experience that many have enjoyed. A Caribbean cruise will never be complete if one hasn't visited Aruba. Many visitors were satisfied in finding the unique jewelry in Aruba to experiencing extreme shopping. They have also attained the perfect Caribbean vacation in their lives.