Aruba Rembrandt Regatta: A Three Day Event That Can Never Be Forgotten

Last August 14, 15 and 16 of 2009, the first Aruba Rembrandt Regatta was held. Its participants prepared and competed with their yachts, beach catamarans and also with their sunfishes. The three days action, fun and competition last year was indeed a success.

There were more than thirty-seven sailing vessels plus a crowd of national and several international competitors who signed up for the event last year. It was open to all cruising, raising and open class yachts. It also allowed open sailboats in the beach cat and sunfish class. Although the wind condition was not that stable at that time, the Rembrandt Regatta was still exciting.

The eligible participants together with their boats were only allowed to enter after completing the form on the event's first two days. The racing class' was required to obtain a 2008 or 2009 CSA digital rating certificate. On the other hand, the cruising or fun class' was only required to fill out a form. This has allowed cruising or live-aboard boats to enjoy the event.

This August 13, 14 and 15 of 2010, the second Rembrandt Regatta will be held on Aruba. Once again, full preparations is now being done by the organizing committee together with Cafe Rembrandt. Although the courses and sailing instructions are yet to be provided during the registration, the organizing team has prepared some other things. They are also in preparation with several different sponsors as well as the Dutch Marines just to make sure that the event will even become more successful than last year's Rembrandt Regatta.

To make the event more convenient, a shuttle bus has been made available in between Oranjestad and Regatta locations for people to ride. To make the event more fun, Mount Gay Rum made a challenge for line honors. They will be awarding a special wooden cup to whoever wins the challenge that they will be announcing during the event. The special wooden cup will contain five liters of Mount Gay Rum at the Beach Party on Eagle Beach.

On the 14th of August, a 1K and 2K swimming competition will be held at around 5 pm at Eagle Beach. The Earplugs are already expected to perform on the regatta site. It is going to be followed by a beach party night that is going to be full of music.

On August 14 and 15, the bar, ice cream parlour and restaurant will already be opened. By 10 am, people can already purchase any Mount Gay mixes and other forms of refreshments from the bar. They can also buy whatever snacks they need from the place. Ben and Jerry's ice cream can already be bought too. Tents will also be made available for the participants and spectators as well.

This years Aruba Rembrandt Regatta is still about to happen. Music lovers will definitely enjoy the three evenings of songs and people who love to party will certainly love the event's beach parties. Other than that, the participants will surely get the experience of action and fun that they have been waiting for since the previous year's Rembrandt Regatta.

The Perfect Tropical Retreat

Despite the popularity of Aruba romantic getaway, most people find that it is not nearly as crowded and industrialized as they expect it to be. There are certainly areas that are considered the hub of activity as Palm Beach, but that is really a very small part of this 70 square mile island. There are conservation and building programs in place that prevent overdevelopment. Aruban hospitality is known worldwide. People are friendly, the atmosphere is casual, and most of the local population speaks at least two if not three languages, plus Papiamento, the local tongue. Many of the hotel and resort owners study hotel management in Europe.

As a result, even the largest establishments are efficiently run, while holding onto a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Whether you are considering taking your vows, indulging in a tropical honeymoon, or looking for a destination for a special vacation, an Aruba romantic getaway is just a short plane ride away. If you prefer, you can spend a few days on the island as a stopover from one of the cruise ships. Many of them provide the option to disembark from one ship and join another several days later. This allows you to have two vacations in one. 

Although children can be fun, there are many accommodations that are for adults only. They are often located in quiet, secluded areas with access to their own private beach and facilities. Most have specialty Aruba romantic getaway packages that include champagne on arrival and discounts on spa services and tours. If you prefer something a bit more livelily, try one of the resorts that are located within the capital city of Oranjestad. They are located within walking distance to many restaurants and casinos. There is an upscale, duty-free shopping center not far away and the beach is just down the block. 

From colonial or modern to eco-friendly, there is a variety of decor and atmosphere to choose from when deciding on your Aruba romantic getaway. Rent a car or catch a bus to one of the local beaches where you can catch a few hours basking in the sun, or kayaking near the shore. For dinner, sample international cuisine prepared by some of the best chefs in the world, or order dinner in and watch the sunset from your balcony. Dance the night away at one of the popular clubs, or spend it stargazing on the beach. Whatever your preference or mood, the choice is yours.

Learning About Local Life At The Bon Bini Festival Aruba

Achieving a greater understanding of local life and culture may be very difficult when visiting a new area or country. Hours spent lounging by the pool or walking along the beach prove too tempting to most tourists, and finding places of interest can take up a lot of time and effort. For those wishing to learn more about the destination, events such as the bon bini festival Aruba may be a fun and interesting way of discovering more.

Many people choose to visit the island of Aruba, and it not difficult to see why. White sandy beaches, a warm climate and friendly people are enough to draw in many tourists. The relaxed but fun atmosphere is ideal for a holiday, with plenty of things to see and do. Carnivals and festivals are an important part of the island, some happening just once a year and others every week. This means even those spending a small amount of time on the island have the opportunity to enjoy one.

Pastel coloured buildings fill the city of Oranjestad, the largest and oldest on the island. Fort Zoutman holds many of the islands treasures, as it is now the museum. Many visitors like to visit, to see objects from prehistory all the way up to those produced during Dutch colonialism. The architecture itself adds a great beauty and interest to the area.

Outside of the fort, the bon bini festival is held every week. In the shadow of the fort, people gather to have fun and keep local traditions alive for all to see.

Costume clad local dancers give a true carnival feel to the evening. The bright colour and energy is captivating to watch from the seats provided for viewers. The routines are exciting and fun, fitting in very well with the experience.

Music plays a very important role through the evening, steel drums ringing out various upbeat tunes. Other groups also play, including an organ grinder and even soloists. Local arts and crafts on display are produced by the islanders and brought to the festival for visitors to enjoy and even buy.

For those who enjoy cooking the food and drink on offer can be a very interesting part of the experience. Different cooking methods, ingredients and dishes add an extra dimension to the event, and all dishes are available to buy. Although this costs extra to the ticket price, it is a great opportunity to learn more about the area, and most things are inexpensive.

Acting can be seen in the form of small plays based on local folklore. This is a great way to explain some of the ideas and traditions that have served the island over many generations, and not something many tourists have the opportunity to see when on holiday.

For those who would like to delve a little deeper into local life and ideas, events such as the bon bini festival Aruba can be an excellent opportunity to have a great time and learn new things at the same time. A relatively small amount of time can be filled with energy and fun, whilst also offering a glimpse into traditions and values of different people.

The Aruba Sea Jazz Festival

On Friday and Saturday, the 8th and 9th of October in 2010, the Aruba Sea Jazz Festival will take place. It follows on from the tradition of the Aruba Jazz and Latin Music Festival which ended in 2001. For two evenings, concert goes will get to enjoy an eclectic and masterful group of performers. Past acts have included Michel Camillo, the Emmy and Grammy winning pianist and composer. Some other musicians and bands which have appeared include Debert Bernabela, Antonio Bello Blues, Randal Corsen, JEM and Robert Jeandor and the Solo Banda Show.

This year promises to be as exciting as in the past. You might be wondering what to expect. To answer this question, there is an introduction below to two star performers, Marcus Miller and Isaac Delgado. Both will be performing at the festival this year.

A live show from Marcus Miller will be a highlight. This acclaimed musician received a Grammy in 2001 for the Best Contemporary Jazz Album. He was born in 1959 in Brooklyn, NY. However, he spent his early years in Jamaica, NY. Born into a musical family, he started playing instruments at an early age. Wynton Kelly, famed jazz pianist for Miles Davis, is a relation of Millers. By the time he was thirteen, Miller played several instruments, including the clarinet, bass guitar and piano. The bass guitar was his favorite. As well, Miller started composing music around this time.

He has worked with an extremely wide range of performers in his career. These include Aretha Franklin, David Sanborn, Grover Washington Jr. And Roberta Flack. Miller has played on recordings by Maria Carey, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, LL Cool J, McCoy Tyner, Bryan Ferry, Joe Sample and Bill Withers. He has even toured with Miles Davis for two years.

Miller's superior musical ear makes it now surprise that he is also an accomplished producer. He collaborated with David Sanborn for Voyeur, an album which was awarded a Grammy. Following this first project, Miller worked with Sanborn on other albums, including Close Up, Up Front and Inside, which earned another Grammy prize.

Another big attraction this year is a performance from Isaac Delgado. He started performing professionally in 1983 with the Orquestra de Pancho Alonso. This gave him his first experience with recording and touring. Then, in 1987, Delgado joined the group Galazia as a vocalist. In 1988, he joined NG La Banda as lead vocalist. The band released three albums from 1990 to 1991 and was awarded an EGREM prize.

Delgado launched his own band in 1991. The group's first album was entitled Dando La Hora and won an EGREM award in 1992. The next album from the group, Con Ganas, won two EGREM prizes in 1993.

These are just a small representation of the performers at the Aruba Sea Jazz Festival this year. It is an event that has much to offer. In addition to the great music, concert goers will be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and climate that Aruba is known for. A big bonus is that the festival is reasonably priced. An early bird festival ticket costs just $20 for one night and $35 for two nights. This deal is available until the 30th of Sept.

Dutch Beach Volley Ball Aruba

Dutch Beach Volley Ball Aruba offers perfect weather conditions all year long. Beach volley ball is a very popular sport in this region of the world. Many professional games are played here. Spectators come to see these games played throughout the year from many different areas. Avid beach volley ball players will watch hours of tournament games, rooting for their favorite teams.

There are many famous professional Dutch beach volley ball players. Many have represented their country at the world Olympic games. There are beach volley ball circuits that are played on the surrounding islands of Aruba. Many practice games and special clinics are set up in Curacao, USA and The Netherlands. Most of the professional games are played at beautiful island resorts. Hawaii is another popular island location for the sport.

There are many different types of Dutch beach volley ball matches. Some are professional matches where the team receives a monetary award. Some games are played as part of a corporations marketing event. And many Dutch Beach Volley ball matches are played for charitable causes. The sales from spectator tickets will go towards the selected charity.

Dutch Beach Volley ball has leagues for women and men. There are all female matches that are very competitive. The professional female players often have their own sponsors, agents and trainers. Many of these women play in the world Olympic games. There are also all male teams with exceptional players that have also competed in the Olympics.

Beach volley ball is a very rigorous sport. It first became popular in California during the 1920s. A decade later, beach volley ball became a popular sport in Europe then spread to other areas around the world. Soon it became not only a great recreational sport but it also became a very popular competitive sport. Major tournaments soon evolved that included several different countries.

Indoor volley ball and beach volley ball have different sets of rules but are basically the same sport. Beach volley ball requires more strength since the game is played on sand instead of a flat surface. Beach volley ball also only has two player per team. Indoor volley ball has six players per team. And a beach volley ball is different from an indoor volley ball.

A beach volley ball match consists is played the best two of three set format. The first team to reach 21 points wins the set. The first team that wins two sets, wins the match. A third match is called as the tiebreaker. The tiebreaker is a 15 point game. There are a lot of rules to the game that must be followed or the team may receive fouls by the referees.

Dutch Beach Volley Ball Aruba offers the perfect conditions for the sport. The year long summer temperatures and the beautiful beaches make Aruba one of the most popular islands for beach volley ball. This is a great sport to play with friends just for fun. It is also a great sport to utilize as part of your workout regiment.