Most Fabulous Hotels In Aruba

The Island of Aruba lies in the southern region of Caribbean Sea. A 33km long Island, the Aruba region have warm and sunny climate with white sandy coasts. The great coastlines and welcoming climate has become a great tourist attraction these days. There are various hotels In Aruba, few of which are being focused in this article.

Among the most favorite tourist spots lies in Oranjestad, it is the Paradera Park. This hotel demands a very nice service and the price for each night's stay is also very affordable. The price is $115 for each night. Having a fantastic location, this hotel can be counted amongst a nice romantic spots in Aruba.

Among various splendid hotels in the Eagle Beach is the Bucuti Beach Resort. This hotel demands a stay each night at a cost of $287-$470. The hotel also offers a wonderfully peaceful location. Its turquoise colored beach is a great relaxing spot. Along with this the staff of the resort is highly efficient.

On the same Palm/Eagle Island, is the renowned Resort of Hyatt Regency of Aruba, that is also a Casino. This resort demands a range of $261-$724 price for each night stay. However, the great services that you can avail at Hyatt will never let you repent on the money you spend there. Another wonderful location on the Eagle Beach is the Beach Resort Costa Linda. It is included in the most spectacular locations among the hotels in Aruba.

The hotel offers $265-$580 cost range. Another marvelous resort is the Boardwalk Vacation Retreat in Eagle Beach. This resort demands a price range of $131-$316 for stay each night. This resort has a calming location and great welcoming service. Marriot's Aruba Ocean Club is among the terrific hotels located in Aruba on the Eagle Beach. The hotel charges a $350-$525 for each night stay. The breathtaking location and efficient staff makes this hotel all the more desirable choice.

Among the most soothing spots in the hotels located in Eagle Beach is the Hotel of Amsterdam Manor Beach. This resort costs $173-$355 on each night's stay. It is counted among the most desired tourist spots. Another nice location on the Eagle Beach is the All Inclusive Occidental Grand Aruba. This hotel provides a night's stay at a price of $359-$731. It is also one of the most relaxing spots and is literally awesome.

Apart from these hotels there are 13 more prominent ones, located in Aruba. The hotels in Aruba include Aruba Beach Villas of the Malmok Beach, Surf Club Aruba of Marriot hotel, MVC Eagle Beach, Spa and Resort of Manchebo Beach, All Inclusive Tamarijn Aruba, Resort/Hotel Holiday Inn Sunspree, The hotel/Resort of Marriot Aruba Beach that is also a Casino etc.

Hotels in Aruba range widely on the price spectrum and are counted in the most soothing spots to the most spectacular ones. The service offered at the high cost hotels and resorts is remarkable, however, the moderate and low priced hotels are also not behind in the service. However, before finalizing a reservation, you ought to prefer your requirements and needs and pick a hotel that suits them best. No wonder a good resort will make these moments more splendid for you.

Let’s Have A Look At Some Of The Hotels In Aruba

Looking for hotels of myriad price ranges as well as sizes? Well, there’s good news for all of you who are looking for a suitable accommodation facility in Aruba. There are hotels available at different rates. You can choose to accommodate in the inexpensive options as well as in the luxury hotels. There are different kinds of eco-tourism activities, water sports, ocean cruises and spacious sandy beaches where you can have fun with your entire family. There are very stringent laws that have been enforced to ensure security of the travelers and tourists. You can be assured of top notch security in the hotels. The island stretches over 77 square mile and has been branded to be the safest destination in the whole wide world.

Let us now look at some of the very famous hotels in Aruba:

  • Boardwalk Vacation Retreat features some exquisite kitchenette, living rooms, barbecue grill and comfortable patio furniture for the comfort of the guests. It is located in the 20 Bakval Street and offers easy access to some of the most attractive destinations of the island.
  • Those looking for a four-star accommodation, must book their reservations in Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa. It is a luxurious resort that offers fantastic view of garden from the terrace of the guest rooms. Each of the rooms comes with the following features like flat screen television, coffeemaker, mini refrigerator and air conditioning facilities. The Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa has a total of 71 smoke-free rooms. There is the Pega Beach Bar and Grill offering some of the most mouthwatering dishes. Some of the other facilities offered include gourmet Italian eating grounds, live beach music and fitness center.
  • Holiday Sunspree Resort is another four-star lodging and accommodation option. Some of the features offered include outdoor pool, views of the ocean, whirlpool and sauna for pampering the guests.
  • Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort covers a total area of 14 acre. Some of the features included are Jacuzzi and sauna for the use of guests. There are boutiques as well as booths available onsite, which are duty-free. There is a separate "Kid's Club Room" that offers facility for the children to participate in different activities. This resort is situated in the Irausquin Boulevard road.
  • Tamarijn Aruba is popularly known to be an all inclusive hotel that offers four-star services. The packaged deal include fees for fitness center access, foot climbing wall, on site bars, unlimited beverages, meals and stands. There are different kinds of entertainment options to choose from like hotel day spa, Alhambra Casino, Golf Course, Internet lounge that is fully air-conditioned.

So, these are some of the most well-known hotels in Aruba. There are online booking facilities available and you can make prior reservations either online or by making a call. The staffs are more than happy to serve you and make your stay a wonderful experience in the hotels. So, make the most of your vacation with your family and enjoy your stay in some of the best hotels of the island, which has earned the reputation of being the safest destination for travel.

Top Five Hotels In Aruba About Which You Should Know

Aruba, which is located in the southern part of the Caribbean island, is known to be one of the most popular destinations in the world. The clear sunny weather offers ample scope for beach activities and loads of fun. Those interested in water activities and swimming can have fun to their heart’s content. The tourism industry in this island is booming and attracting hundreds of tourists from different parts of the world every year.

There are some great hotels in Aruba, let us have a look at the five most popular hotels in the island:

  1. Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort ranks No 1 among the top 10 hotels. It has a total of 72 rooms that come in double bed and single-bedded accommodations. Each of the room features the following facilities: kitchenette, cable television and fully air-conditioned rooms. There is different dining as well as on-site facilities such as car rental, kid's pool and Mango's International Restaurant. Some entertainment options offered are fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

  2. The Aruban Resort occupies the second position in the list of the best hotels. It is a five-star hotel accommodation with about 362 suites. There are double-bedded and three-bedded accommodation facilities available. Some of the features include housekeeping services and air-conditioned facility. The entertainment facilities offered are bingo games, casino, water aerobics class and swimming pool.

  3. Tierra Del Sol is the third most popular hotel in Aruba. This luxury hotel offers a combination of golf club, spa and resort. Some of the features of the guest rooms are patio furniture with terrace and cable television. There are well-equipped fitness center, spa and onsite dining option. There are arrangements made for touring the island, hiking as well as fishing.

  4. Bucuti Beach Resort ranks forth among the luxury hotels in the island. It has also been nominated for "Greenwala Award” for the eco-friendly lodging options it offers. This resort has also received the Travelers' Choice awards in 2008. Some of the facilities offered in the rooms are cable television, terrace or balcony, in-room safe, mini-bar and microwave. The complementary services offered are coffee. The rooms are fully air-conditioned. This hotel is conveniently located at the heart of the island and offers easy access to the shopping destinations, several restaurants as well as casinos.

  5. Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino has been renovated recently and occupies the fifth position among the top ten hotels in Aruba. The guest rooms are equipped with iHome stereo and 32-inch LCD TV. There is a three-story pool that is decorated with waterfalls and slides. Camp Hyatt is known to offer facilities for different kinds of fun activities and daily games. Tourists can also participate in the ATV tours, horseback riding competitions and golf.

So, these are the top five hotels in Aruba where you can book your rooms to make your trip one of the most pampering and memorable one. It is advisable that you book the rooms in advance and make the most of the vacation with your family members.

Some Valid Tips For Choosing The Right Hotel For Aruba Vacation

Are you planning to spend your vacation in the Caribbean this time? Needless to say, it is nothing less than a paradise! Incase you are not sure about the ways you can find some of the best hotels in Aruba, this article is particularly useful. Read along this article to know more about the important aspects that are to be kept in mind while searching for a decent lodging option in the island.

  1. Research is a must. Do spend some time to research online as this helps you to gather knowledge about the different accommodation options at the same time compare the rates to avail of the best deals. There are two sections that you will come across in this case and these are low-rise section and the high-rise section. Your search must depend on your requirements and necessities. So, be very clear about your requirements so that you don’t get confused finding the different options.

  2. In the high-rise section you can expect to come across some big names such as Hyatt and Radisson. Most o the hotels under this category has more than 700 rooms and entertainment options like Casino. There are in-house restaurants as well as shops for the guests. It is definitely the best option for the party animals.

  3. Some of the "low-rise" hotels in Aruba are situated in the Eagle Beach. You can expect a more passive setting here and there are no Casinos for your entertainment. These are privately owned hotels and are generally smaller in size when compared to the high-rise section. These however, are more couple-friendly and quieter options.

  4. Surfing the net is one of the most convenient method for finding hotels in Aruba. You can expect a detailed summary of the location of the hotel, the kind of services offered and types of facilities to choose your requirement. There are testimonials posted on individual sites that give you a picture of the kinds of services a particular hotel has been offering over the years. You can additionally expect some lucrative offers as well as honest ratings that will help you to make up your mind.

  5. You must keep in mind a basic fact that the island of Aruba stretches along only 20 miles. Irrespective of which ever part you choose to live in, you can expect some of the best services. Most of the well-known hotels are conveniently located near the markets and public transport terminals. There are plenty of shopping options available in the Downtown area. Plenty of car rental services as well as public transportation make traveling in any part of the island simpler.

So, these are some simple tips that you are supposed to keep in mind while looking for hotels in Aruba. You can also consider your relatives and friends residing in the area as referrals to be completely sure of the choice you make. Keep in mind these aspects and travel in style. Let this trip be one of the most memorable one in your life.

Choosing Between Hotels In Aruba

If you have decided to travel to the breathtaking island of Aruba in the middle of the Caribbean, you are in for an adventure. Choosing to go is the easy part, but deciding where to stay is the hard part. There are so many different types of hotels in Aruba that choosing which kind will suit your needs can be a bit overwhelming. Do you want an intimate setting or a busy mega resort? Would you prefer privacy and simplicity with your loved one or an all-inclusive activity packed itinerary for the whole family?

There are a variety of lodging options that are perfectly suited for those traveling with their family or a large group of friends. These hotels focus less on luxury and pampering, and more on fun activities, entertainment and food! If your favorite part of traveling is getting to cheat on your diet and indulge a bit, then an all-inclusive resort is the perfect option for you. With an all-inclusive resort, you pay a flat fee before arrival and you have open and unlimited access to all drinks, meals and activities at the resort.

Aruba has countless options for families looking to stay at an exclusive resort on the island. For the kids there are giant swimming pools with water slides and water falls, not to mention the nearby beach. A popular attraction that brings tons of people to the exclusive resorts in Aruba are their casinos. Many resorts feature on-site casinos where you can eat a meal and even gamble a little bit.

If you are traveling with a larger group of family or friends, then renting a villa might be more appropriate to accommodate you all. A villa is a spacious residence that provides groups with a little more privacy and independence. Villas come with a private kitchen where you can make your own meals, and a spacious living room for family time.

If renting a villa sounds a little too fancy for you, there is always the apartment or studio option. At a studio, you will receive the same benefits of privacy and independence, but with a little less space and cost. This is perfect for a smaller group or family that wants a little more independence than staying at an all-inclusive mega resort.

Every year, hundreds of couples travel to Aruba either on their honeymoon or just for a romantic getaway. There are multiple lodging options for couples looking for a romantic and breathtaking vacation. Aruba has a variety of luxury accommodations where elegance, comfort and service are of utmost importance. If you like the finer things in life, a luxury apartment or hotel is the way to go.

For a more relaxing stay, couples can stay at an intimate hotel. These accommodations generally consist of a few scattered bungalows with a lot of privacy and relaxation. Couples can get massages, take yoga classes, relax in the steam room and get manicures and pedicures.

If you plan on spending more time on the island, forget the hotels in Aruba and purchase a timeshare. A timeshare will give you access to an apartment or studio for a certain part of the year. It is a great way to save money but ensure your reservation in Aruba year after year.