Yes, There Are Brothels In Aruba

Aruba is one of several island destinations in the Caribbean that has tourism as one of the cornerstones of its economy. It is a former Dutch colony. Due to its close ties with the Netherlands, many of the laws are similar. One of these laws is the fact that prostitution is legal. Therefore, there are brothels in Aruba.

Because prostitution is legal, it is regulated by the government's department of public health. This means that all the girls are required by law to be tested periodically for STDs. In addition, they are required to make all their clients use condoms as a safety precaution.

Prostitution is not only legal, it is a respected profession for women in this region. The ladies report their income and pay their taxes just as workers in other industries do. They are entitled to respectful treatment from clients and men who would become clients. They are not to be degraded or looked down upon the way prostitutes in the US often are.

Families who are interested in traveling to Aruba need not be concerned that their children will see anything inappropriate. The vast majority of the brothels on the island are located on the other side of the island from the primary tourist locations. This means that tourists who seek the company of these ladies must travel across the island deliberately to spend time with them.

Some of the local establishments serve up more than sexual companionship. One blogger wrote about a shrimp dinner he shared with his wife in a nice restaurant. It was not until after they finished their meal that they learned they were in a brothel. Both were surprised.

Some establishments offer a wider range of options. There are a few that include special rooms for couples that are interested in trying out new things, including partner swapping. An assortment of prostitutes, both male and female, stands ready to fulfill the fantasies of tourists and locals.

Many of the girls that work in these establishments are not native to Aruba. In fact, the majority are of Columbian origin. Many work in this profession because they can make a better living than in any job available to them in their own country. They often are working to support their parents and/or siblings.

There are women of all races and a wide range of ages available. Teenagers are prohibited from working in legally established and licensed houses. Therefore, this is not a location that is friendly to those whose tastes run in that direction.

The brothels in Aruba have attained a status that is very different from anything found in the US or many European countries. Their workers are recognized as respected members of the community. They are protected by laws that require them to be tested as a matter of routine to protect themselves and their clients from diseases. In addition, they require all their clients to use condoms as a matter of protection for both parties. Prostitution is not considered to be degrading to the women in this region of the world.

Kite Surfing In Aruba With Xtremewinds

Aruba has a lot to offer as a vacation destination. One of the more popular water sports that are growing around the island is kite surfing. Extremewinds offers exciting packages that include classes for beginners, intermediate and expert kite surfing trips, and accommodations at affordable prices.

Some of the more popular kite trips include Downwinders, beginning in Barcadera and running to Fisherman Huts or to Arashi, Barcadera, and Boca Grande. Downwinders allows one to enjoy between 9 and 12 miles of beautiful beaches in relatively calm waters. Barcadera is a sheltered island with a reef that creates a calm pool where riders can practices traveling upwind and jumping. Boca Grande is the most popular location and is ideal for beginners or advanced riders who desire the chance to push their personal limits.

Accommodations are available in different price ranges to meet any budget. Low budget housing is available near Noord, just five minutes from the beach at Fisherman's Huts. The house is nice and clean, located in a kiteboarding friendly environment. Bathroom facilities and kitchens are shared among guests.

For those seeking apartment accommodation, there are houses available near Noord that feature private bathrooms. The kitchens, however, are still shared. VIP housing is available in many hotels in the Bakval area. Suites include one or two rooms and include private baths and kitchens. There is also access to a swimming pool and common room.

Xtremewinds also offers three different levels of private instruction in the art of kite surfing. Beginner lessons introduce students to the kite and help them learn how to control the flight. Lessons are provided by trained IKO instructors. Intermediate lessons upgrade students to larger LEI kites. These kites are appropriate to the strength of winds encountered around Aruba. Students are taught the basics of kite control, body dragging, water relaunch, and self rescue. Advanced students are exposed to continuous down winders in both open water and short spaces. The are allowed to work on perfecting water starts and learning how to stay upwind.

Xtremewinds has its base in Noord on the northwest side of the island. They also have launch points scattered about the island to take full advantage of wind conditions on each side of the island as well as providing for the riding level of the guests. The will pick up guests, take them to the beach destination, and return them directly to their hotel at the end of the day.

Please visit Xtremewinds for more information.

Aruba- Sand, sun and unlimited fun!

Aruba, an island which is just 27 kms to the north of Venezuela is one of the main countries of the Netherlands kingdom. Aruba is known for its virgin natural beaches and clean and beautiful cities. It is undoubtedly one of the world’s best island getaways. One is sure to enjoy the typical European flavour and the friendly local population. 

Aruba airport lies just outside the capital city of Oranjestad and is very well connected to the major cities in the USA, Netherlands, Venezuela, Canada and the rest of Europe. The transport system is great and it is very convenient to travel from one place to another. There is an excellent air conditioned public bus transportation network called Arubus and finding a taxi from the airport is very easy. 

This island is 21 miles long and 6 miles wide and attracts people from all across the globe for an unforgettable experience. Aruba enjoys a tropical climate with an average yearly temperature of approximately 82 degree Fahrenheit (28 degree Celsius). The weather here is never too hot because of the trade winds from the Atlantic Sea. Aruba lies outside the hurricane belt in the Caribbean where the rainfall hardly ever crosses 500 mm and this ensures there are tourists all around the year. 

For those who love a relaxing holiday and also for the ones who love adventure, Aruba is the place to be. Aruba beaches never fail to impress anyone and have something for all visitors. The beaches in the East and the North West of Aruba are great for surfers and kite boarders whereas the relaxing beaches on the South Western side are most apt for relaxing activities like swimming. For those who are into adventure sports such as jet skiing and snorkelling, Aruba is the place to visit. Most of the beaches have great restaurants and beach bars where one could relax. One can choose from the wide choices available- there is the Palm beach, Eagle beach, Manchebo beach, Druif beach, Rogers beach, Havana beach and the Baby beach. 

One can get pampered at top class hotels and resorts. Aruba has some of the best resorts and hotels in the world. For those not wanting to spend a lot, there are plenty of choices available as well. Most of the hotels have a number of deals throughout the year and offer various discounts on extended stays. For the party animals, Aruba has a lot to offer. The night life here is very happening and entertaining for all. Most of the hotels and resorts have discos, live bands, and bars which are open till late nights. For those who like gambling and casinos, Aruba does not disappoint them either. There are a number of Casinos where one can try his luck and get lucky!

For those who like adventure, there is a lot that Aruba offers in the form of its rugged landscape and archaeological sites. One can rent out a mountain bike and explore these beautiful sites. There are also a number of museums for the art lovers.

Aruba – The Caribbean’s pride

Are you scouting for good vacation places? Give a break to the regular tourist destinations and try something new this time. 

What about a nice trip to an exotic island that is located far away from the hustle bustle of the cities? It is possible only with the Aruba Island. People who love white sandy beach shores will surely fall in love with Aruba. It is situated near the Atlantic Ocean and boasts of rich culture and natural landscapes. Though there are many tropical islands across many shores, Aruba stands out because of its history and its people. The place is no less than a city but is proud about excellent tourist attractions. 

There are national parks, underwater aquariums, water adventures and many others that keep you busy in the Aruba Island and allow you to enjoy yourself thoroughly. In fact, this tropical island always sees dry climate and the landscapes are rich in cactus plants. Though you get the feel of a desert, the island has plenty of must-see places. 

Dutch is spoken extensively in Aruba island and it is the only place in the entire Caribbean where Spanish too is spoken. Out of thousands of tourists who visit the Aruba island every year, 60% are said to be Americans and the rest of them come from other parts of the world. Since the island has the Queen Beatrix International Airport, it is easy for people to fly from anywhere to Aruba and get back after their trip. 

Recently, the hotels and resorts in the Aruba island have realized that a huge number of families fly to this island every summer and they almost stay for a month. To attract more customers and bring them back again and again, the hoteliers have collaborated with each other and started a new family package. It is known as the ‘one cool family vacation’ where the family can avail free gifts and offers if they stay in the resort or hotel for a long time. That way the family can save a lot of money. 

Another reassuring thing about the Aruba island is its low crime rate. There are plenty of Caribbean islands that suffer from various crimes on women and children and the government is still making efforts to nab mischief mongers. But Aruba doesn’t come under that list and the law and order on the island is impeccable. Not a single citizen or tourist will face problems and they are guarded by police round-the-clock. You can be assured about your safety and you can come back home without facing troubles. 

The Aruba island has been named as the ‘jewel of the Caribbean’ because of these reasons and is touted to be the pride of the Caribbean. The citizens too are co-operative and they will ensure that you enjoy your trip and have fun. Aruba is surely a great place for you and your family and you are bound to come back to this tropical island for another vacation.

Aruba- The perfect getaway for an unforgettable experience

Aruba is a small island which can be found in the Caribbean Sea, particularly in the West Indies. The main attraction of Aruba is its white sandy beaches. It is blessed with sunny weather throughout the year. The average temperature throughout the year is approximately 27 degrees Celsius or 81 degrees Fahrenheit. It is therefore very appealing to Europeans and Americans. 

Because of the popularity of this island as a main tourist destination, the standard of living of people here is very high compared to other countries and islands in the Caribbean and South America. The official language in this island is Papiamento or Dutch. However, English and Spanish are also widely spoken throughout the island. The majority of the tourists in Aruba are Dutch but a number of visitors from the US, Spain and other European countries also visit this island frequently. 

Aruba is one of the most sought after tourist destinations for almost 30 years now. According to studies, this attractive island has the highest number of repeat tourists in the entire Caribbean area. Aruba’s attractions include its clear blue seas and white sandy beaches. Apart from these Aruba and the tourism industry of the island are very popular because of the lovely accommodation, great customer service and a number of recreational activities for tourists. Apart from relaxing on the sunny beaches, a number of visitors like to spend time in exploring the island. Water sports, adventure activities like bike climbing and shopping are some of the recreational activities one can spend time doing. Some of the activities include trekking, scuba diving, snorkelling, wind surfing amongst others. 

Aruba has some of the world’s finest restaurants and entertainment spots for tourists. Regardless of the type of food one likes, one is sure to find a place they would love. The majority of restaurants are located near Oranjestad and the Palm Beach. One could try the local Aruban food or the South American like the Brazilian or Argentinian. For those not willing to experiment a lot, there are a number of restaurants offering the American cuisine as well as Chinese and Mexican. There are also a few sushi bars on the island for the sushi lovers. Seafood lovers will never be disappointed with the mouth-watering variety of food offered by this island. 

For those who love gambling and are into games such as poker, blackjack, slot machines, roulette etc., the island has more than ten gaming locations. These are open twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. There are also a number of night clubs and bars all across Aruba. These are great for having a relaxed evening and having an entertaining night with the loved ones. 

There are a number of other activities besides shopping and adventure which is sure to keep one entertained. One can take some salsa lessons or even enjoy a moonlight cruise. For those into fitness, there are high class gyms and sporting activities to enjoy.