Aruba Carnival Experience

Aruba Carnival is as superb as any on earth, and is one reason that over fifty percent of visitors return to this Caribbean island resort area. For action-packed, twenty-four-hours-a-day spectacle and easy interaction with the celebrating residents, this season of pageantry and exuberance is unsurpassed.

Every able-bodied person on the island seems to love the months of preparation that result in fabulous costumes, blood stirring music, elaborate dances, catchy tunes, extravagant floats, and the training of future queens of all ages that will preside over the festivities.

Huge headdresses are a keynote of the costumes, and the whole island vibrates to the drumming of Tumba music, the Latin beat of salsa and merengue, the social commentary and typical island sound of calypso music, and the unique Aruban road marches, with newly composed and choreographed routines for each year. The best road marches pass into the culture of the island, and each year keep the parades going hour after hour.

Throughout the weeks leading up to Lent, the costumes, music, and dance are judged in contests that are fiercely competitive and great to watch. The costumes, each more colorful and more elaborate, or more closely fitting, than the last, are decked with tiny lights for the traditional Lighting Parade, and will later glitter in the daylight with beads, sequins, jewels, and feathers.

Children's parades, balloon parades, grand marches only a little smaller than the final huge one on the last Sunday before Lent, huge rolling music machines, the elections of several queens and the annual Prince and Pancho - all are scheduled to fill every day with its own sights and sounds. Beautiful Aruban weather and the cooling Trade Winds make every moment perfect.

Part of the fun is watching the islanders party as hard as everyone else, and a great way to interact with the people is to join in an 'jump up', a spontaneous gathering of people who refuse to go to bed after a strenuous day of fun and revelry. These street parties that happen all over every city and town are open to all who share in the spirit of fun and companionship.

The biggest jump up of all happens in San Nicola in the wee hours at the beginning of the last carnival week end. Pajama clad die hard party goers gather way before dawn for 'jouvert morning', and get things going for that city's Grand Parade. The next day, the parade gets bigger and moves on to Oranjestad, where it winds through the business district and many residential streets.

The Carnival officially ends at midnight on Shrove Tuesday, when King Momo is burned in effigy after being carried through the streets by torchlight. After the frenzy, the island goes back to its usual serenity, where world class beaches, excellent food, song, and dance help each day pass happily in this island paradise. Staying over a few days will allow you to recover from too much fun.

Aruba Carnival is just one reason that Aruba has so many friends, and the people are ready to make more at next year's festivities.

Savaneta Apartments

If you want to live in a calm and peaceful place, the Savaneta apartments are just one of the places that you have to go. In case you haven't heard anything about it yet then it's time for you to read on. Let's take a closer look why guests say that these apartments are a place they can call home.

Before we begin, let's take a brief history about this town. Savaneta is the original capital and oldest town in Aruba. This is even the place where the Dutch first settled after they recaptured the island in the year 1816.

Today, you will see a few magnificent accommodations at a fair price within the area. Visitors can check out cabins that are already equipped with cable TVs, refrigerators, air-conditionings, kettles, toasters and utensils at around $500 a week. For around $95 per night, guests will already be able to take advantage of a double bedroom apartment garden view. It includes an air-conditioning equipped with full cooking facilities, cable TV and internet. A fridge, blender, coffee maker, water dispenser, dishwasher, washing machine, iron are also available for use. Guests can also get laundry and room services. Other than that, kayaks are also available for snorkeling. At a rate of $120 or so per night, visitors can already enjoy the same amenities with the breathtaking Aruban sunset and wonderful starry evenings since these apartments have some private porches located along the beach.

People can also find bars which are just a 5 minute drive to the furthest South side of the island named San Nicolas. There are even two supermarkets that are just on a walking distance from the apartments in Savaneta. Visitors can just get whatever they want.

In just a twenty minute drive from the apartments, restaurants like the infamous Flying Fishbone International Cuisine, Warung Jawa Indonesian Restaurant and ZeeRovers Fish Market can be found. They all offer delicious cuisines. There is no wonder why foreigners keep on coming back to these places.

Since these town apartments have snorkeling equipments and are located along the beach, people will always have the chance to explore the gifts of the waters. Foreigners can take pleasure in swimming and looking at the amazing coral reefs. They can even enjoy a unique diving, snorkeling and kayaking experience together with their love ones. Individuals can also use a boat for fishing, mermaid spotting and waterskiing.

Other than that, these apartments also offer several different services. They offer meditation and yoga lessons where people can feel their inner selves. They even have art workshops that can help develop people's creative sides. Event planning services for seminars, parties and weddings are also provided. These can happen in just one place and precious memories can never be forgotten.

The Savaneta apartments can absolutely offer the kind of privacy and luxury that everybody wants to experience. It's where different activities can be enjoyed away from the noisy, overcrowded and polluted cities. It's a beautiful and relaxing place that people can call home. There's no question why visitors claim how they always want to go back to the place.

What's On At The Aruba International Film Festival

It goes without saying that the fabulous weather and beautiful beaches of the island in the Caribbean called Aruba make it a favorite among travellers. Now there is yet more to see. The Aruba International Film Festival occurs in the summer, attracting international film celebrities as well as public figures. Past guests include the Academy Award nominated screen writer Guillermo Arriaga, the cinematic actor Richard Gere, and the Prime Minster of Aruba, Mike Eman.

In 2010, the festival happened from Jun 4th through June 11th. The following introduction of some of the featured films will give you a glimpse of what's on offer. Highlighted below are two interesting movies from the festival this year, Hachiko, A Dog's Tale and Boy Ecury.

A drama which has been directed by Leslie Hallstrom and written by Stephen P. Lindsey, Hachiko, A Dog's Tale is a warm hearted story. A main character is an Akita dog who has been abandoned at a train station. He is discovered by a professor, Parker Wilson. He takes the dog home but no one comes to claim him. The professor decides to name the dog Hachiko and gives him a home.

Accompanying his master to the train station each day on route to work, Hachiko soon displays his sweet, friendly spirit. One day, the professor says goodbye to his dog at the train station but does not return. He has passed away. However, the dog continues to go to the station every day for the next nine years.

This film revolves around the bonds of love between the man and his dog. It also features some interesting experiences with the people Hachiko meets on his daily travels to and from the train station. The lasting message is about loyalty and love. Hachiko is a Japanese tale that is the basis for this American adaptation.

Boy Ecury is a movie from the Netherlands. It was directed by Frans Wiesz and written by Arthur Japin. The premise for the film revolves around a boy from Aruba called Boy Ecury. His father who is a businessman sends him to live at a boarding school in the Netherlands at the age of fifteen. Then, World War II erupts and the Boy joins the Resistance. Eventually, he is captured and killed by the Germans, only days before the Liberation.

The film begins ten years later, following Boy's father, Dundun. He has arrived in the Netherlands to search for the body of Boy. However, the only details he has are that his son left this world with a smile on his face. Dundun is eventually introduced to Ewoud, the suspected killer of Boy. Unexpectedly, Dundun finds that his emotions for Boy are being projected on to Ewoud. This movie is based on a true occurrence. In fact, there is a statue commemorating Boy Ecury in Oranjestad. The story of Boy has also been adapted to television and a book.

The compelling features above are only a representation of what is in store at the Aruba International Film Festival. In addition to the beautiful weather and beaches, and celebrity guests, festival goers love the affordability. A lot of the films have ticket prices of around $7.00. There are more details on the Aruba International Film Festival on the Internet.

The Invigorating Aruba High Winds Event

Aruba has been very famous because of its crystal clear beaches, countless water sport activities, exceptional hotel and room accommodations and appetizing restaurant menus. Aside from those things, this island is also very famous for its yearly events that excite a lot of individuals from the different countries of the world. No wonder why it is one of the major tropical get-away of so many people. One of the events that most individuals look forward to in this place is the Aruba High Winds.

In June 1987, two Aruban entrepreneurs named Ruben Cross and Antony Blok planned and held a sailing event which turned into a success. When the Professional Boardsailing Association heard about its success, they authorized and even made the event as part of the 1988 World Tour. Ever since that happened, the Aruba Hi-Winds already became one of the biggest and most famous windsurfing events in the world. Well-known windsurfing champions like Bjorn Dunckerbeck, Robby Naish and Andres Bringdal even join or visit this annual event in Aruba.

The Aruba Tourism Authority supported the event through those years. The Aruban government even gave their full support to finance its activities and programs. There's no question why their goal to attract foreigners and the best windsurfers from different countries to come to the island of Aruba became very effective. Professional windsurfers were only the ones allowed to join in the event at that time.

Years after, the government had to limit their financial support to this annual event. So, in 1997, the organizing committee of the event opened their doors to interested amateur windsurfers so the event can continue. From then on, the once purely professional windsurfing event also became an invigorating and fun event. Kite-boarding and freestyle windsurfing was added to the Aruba Hi-Winds.

The event even became more famous. Year after year, more and more professional and amateur windsurfers flock to the island of Aruba just to improve their windsurfing skills. They also come to the event to check out and enjoy some other activities.

Last June 30 - July 5, 2010, the Aruba Hi-Winds 23rd Anniversary once again became a successful event. The Slalom, kite boarding and free styling racing events went very well. Even Jalou Langree, a professional kite surfer, demonstrated her skills and inspired a lot of amateurs to enhance or improve their skills for such kind of sport.

Other than that, a Jerk dance contest and body painting competition was also held. In addition, a Capoeira workshop and Bula fashion show even took place during the event. DJs and live bands filled the place with music and the restaurants mouth watering menus and drink stands also made the event even more successful.

The Aruba High Winds event has absolutely been inspiring several different individuals to keep their interests alive in windsurfing. This enlivening water sports will always keep the windsurfers keep on experiencing the adrenaline rush that they have always been looking. Each and every year, people will always remember the previous windsurfing events and will also look forward to the day when it will happen again.

The Annual Aruba International Pro-am Golf Tournament

Just like any other country, Aruba's calendar is holiday-filled. Traditionally, it brags not only holiday celebrations but also international tournaments, regattas, and sporting events. Sports enthusiasts anticipate the upcoming event of the year which is the Aruba International Pro-am Golf Tournament. The said activity comprises of one professional team and four amateur golfers which will compete in the 36-hole event. It will take place at Tierra Del Sol, Spa and Country Club from August 26th-30th.

Tierra Del Sol is famous for excellent private accommodations for those who want to see and experience an extra-ordinary lifestyle. This resort has a distinctive taste which allows guests ocean and island view. The place is perfect for the tournament enhanced by the sweeping coastline view and the contrast of green landscape. It has a narrow course with nine holes at one area, providing a golfer constant wind conditions.

Golf, as a game has different perspectives. It may be a hobby or just a simple pastime. To some people, it is a good exercise. Others consider it a competition. Yet they say, patience is one of its essentials. Patient competition somehow, rings a contradicting truth. Such case is when one person finds it relaxing while another individual might think it as the most boring sport in the world.

Some people connect golf to billiard or bowling. It's not a like a particular game you'll be cheering for unless you know the rules fully well and its participants. It is said that loyal golf fans tend to be serious and wild as any football fan can be.

Although it is highly unlikely that everyone has seen golf on television like the famous World Cup, spectators of this sport also ranks well on television ratings. Cheers of golf fans seem like a collective silence compared to radical raves of soccer followers. They seem to consider silence as a sign of respect to the sport itself.

Aruba International Pro-Am Golf tournament allows the young people to keep their interest in the sport. It is a natural part of survival which flows to every young sportsman who thinks golf will be around for centuries. The languid strikes and flexibility make the player physically and mentally fit. It is quite beneficial to old businessmen who don't have enough time for any exercise or body workouts. They can play the game even at work.

Golfing also provides great opportunity to meet new friends. Tierra Del Sol golf clubs offer a wide variety of affordable alternatives such as golf stores both for amateur and professionals, coffee shops and bars where players can rest after a tough match. Golf is a very expensive sport but Aruba clubs has more affordable options. These products also boast good quality and durability.

Many seniors have been resorting to this activity after retirement from jobs. They move to places accessible to golf courses. Florida and Arizona are two of some popular retirement states where golf courses are spread out. However, numerous fans of the said sport fly to Aruba just to witness the most-awaited competition every year. The Aruba International Pro-Am Golf Tournament is indeed a great experience for everyone, whether you're a golfer, or not.