Casinos in Aruba, Bet to Win

Aruba is the vacation spot of choice due to its tropical nature and beautiful sandy beaches. There is nothing not to love about this tiny Caribbean island. Picture an average day in your tropical paradise, one that begins with a morning on the beach, an afternoon of high-class shopping and exquisite dining, and an evening of gambling and partying. If you are looking for the ultimate vacation getaway, Aruba is a prime option to consider. There are dozens of casinos in Aruba, many of which are associated or located inside of a hotel you might be staying in. You can visit several during your stay to determine which one is your favorite.

A handful of casinos on the island are open all hours of the day, but most are closed from about 4:00 am to 10:00 am. Slots open first during the late morning and tables become available for play in the early afternoon. These hours are simply estimates of what you can expect, as hours vary from casino to casino and are based on the season of the year. Be aware before you make any plans that although the Caribbean islands have different rules about many things than the United States, anyone under the age of 18 is still not allowed inside the casinos in Aruba.

All gaming on the island is conducted with US dollars. The slot machines are run on US coins or tokens you can purchase with larger bills. The tokens are given a value equal to that of simply using coins, so there is no advantage of one over the other. Many machines are equipped to take your paper currency directly as well. Nickel slots are present in all the casinos in Aruba and many also feature penny machines. If your preference falls in the category of sports betting, you can have access to that in many casinos as well, watching games from huge flat screen televisions.

While you are on your Aruba vacation, keep in mind that the style of betting is different from that in Las Vegas. The machines in Aruba tend to be tighter, and table minimums exist. These amounts are very reasonable, however. Craps tables tend to have minimums of $5 to $10 and many other kinds of games follow suit. No matter what game you love to play, you will surely find it in one of the casinos in Aruba.

Entertainment Knows No Bounds

Fun activities await your visit to the shores of Aruba. What are you most looking forward to on your tropical island vacation? Surely gorgeous beaches, pristine water and stunning weather every day are on your list of top reasons to visit a Caribbean paradise like Aruba. Apart from your outdoor activities, there are many great things awaiting you indoors as well. Of course, your trip will need to include proper dining experiences with a fun, tropical island feel. If this fits the description of how you picture island dining to be, then you need to look into the possibility of visiting Papas Beach Club Aruba.

Located in the capitol city of Oranjestad, Papas Beach Club Aruba is a perfect getaway for people seeking the complete island experience in a very comfortable and affordable way. There are always special events going on at the club, including a visit from DJ Jeroen and Guest every Friday night from 4:00 until 10:00 pm. In house entertainment is part of what makes Papas Beach Club such a hotspot for both tourists and local residents alike. Look forward to lounging back, dancing, swimming and whole lot of fun!

The whole idea behind Papas Beach Club Aruba is to incorporate an authentic island feel into your lounging and dining experience. You can enjoy a great selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, making the location a great family spot during the day. Lounge under the leaves of the nearby palm trees as you take your time enjoying your island experience. You can see the ocean from the club’s prime beachside location, which has both an indoor and outdoor section for your choice to be as comfortable as possible during your experience at the club. 

If you are traveling to Aruba as a family, the nightlife is something you will certainly not want to pass up. The kids will enjoy having the hotel room to themselves, and you can come back to Papas Beach Club Aruba for the evening events that are always entertaining. Why would you choose to visit anywhere other than those with the most enjoyable and laidback atmospheres during your island visit? Papas Beach Club Aruba is very informal, so you can come dressed however you like, even in your beach garb if you want. Meet new people and bond with the friends and loved ones you are traveling with by visiting the fun and always entertaining Papas Beach Club.

Four Important Questions to Ask

If you are traveling to Aruba in the near future, there are undoubtedly some pressing questions you need answered. Before you board the plane, take these questions and their corresponding answers into consideration. The first is can your cell phone be used on the island? In most cases, the answer to this important question is yes. Across the island there is generally a strong cell phone reception. However, keep in mind that before your travel, you may need to contact your cell phone carrier to enable your phone for international use. Using your cell phone out of the country can become very expensive, so talk to your carrier about that aspect as well.

How easy is it to get around Aruba? While this depends on where you want to get to, coastal travel is very straightforward. The taxi service is dependable and the drivers tend to be courteous and maintain clean vehicles. A bus operates in the popular hotel areas to and from the California Lighthouse and Oranjestad. Costs are all realistic and the service is prompt. The inner island is a tropical forest, part of which is Arikok, Aruba’s vast national park, but much of which is highly un-traversable. As long as you have a guide with you when you travel the mountain roads, you will safely enjoy yourself.

What is the crime rate in Aruba? While several other Caribbean islands have a difficult time monitoring their crime, it is minimal in Aruba. The reason is partly due to the efforts of the government to provide safe travel to tourists. However, you should still maintain an air of caution, especially when traveling at night or alone. As is the norm wherever you go, never leave valuables unattended or your hotel room unlocked. No out-of-the-ordinary precautions need to be taken to be safe as you travel around Aruba.

What are the customs processes on Aruba? Getting in and out of Aruba is generally a simple process. The exceptions are seen on the few busiest travel days of the year. The Aruba Airport was recently expanded, now equipped with resources to keep delays as minimal as possible. There is a form you are required to fill out upon your arrival to the island before you can officially enter the country. You will be asked to hold on to a portion of the form to display on your return flight. After these necessary procedures, you will be admitted to the country to enjoy the most of your planned time there.

Drift Down to Aruba

If you have ever considered going sailing in Aruba, you might want to start getting serious about the prospect. Thousands of people each year flock to Aruba for the amazing sailing opportunities it provides. As one of the premier, and sometimes overlooked, islands of the Caribbean, Aruba boasts an array of activities for a vacation in paradise. For the avid sailor, Aruba will satisfy all your needs and provide an experience unlike sailing anywhere else in the world. But sailing in Aruba is also a perfect way to spend a day for someone entirely new to the hobby. Essentially, Aruba is the perfect place to spend a day in the sun, with wind on your face basking on the deck of a beautiful sail boat. 

Since many people don't have their own sail boats, even many very passionate sailors, there are scores of sailing charter companies that will provide a sail boat, sailing lessons and captain as well as other features. Even for those who have a sail boat, it's sometimes not possible to sail the boat all the way to Aruba and back. That's another reason why there are many charter companies in Aruba that can provide all the equipment necessary to enjoy a day or two on the water just like you would if it were your own boat. 

Sailing in Aruba can take place over the span of a day or even a week or longer. Charters provide boats in either case, but the cost goes up with the more time it is being rented. Depending on your skill level, a charter company might require you to take a skipper with you. Charters will often require skippers even in the case of experienced sailors who have not sailed in the Caribbean before. 

The best time of year to be sailing in Aruba is January through March. The weather is best for sailing this time of year, unlike the summer months of rain and hurricanes. However, the first part of the year is the peak of tourist activity on Aruba. This means the waters will be filled with many more sail boats and prices will be substantially higher. Sailing in the off season is an option, however. That's because when the weather turns and hurricanes are a risk, Aruba doesn't experience as bad an effect since it is located outside the Caribbean hurricane belt. On your next trip to Aruba, consider sailing.

Aruba, The Blending of Cultures

The history of Aruba is richly textured. It has been under Spanish and Dutch rule in various eras, which have shaped the culture as it is today. Visit some of the local museums to see how the country came to be a hub of tourism and seamless blend of cultures. Each has its own historical focal point. The Archaeological Museum traces history from the Pre-Ceramic period beginning about 2500 BC to the Ceramic period beginning 900 AD to the Historic period that takes us to 1880 AD. There are audio/video presentations and artifacts that depict many aspects of the ancient inhabitants' lives.

They touch on religious practices, their daily lives, as well as the way the cultures of other islands affected their society. Fort Zoutman plays a pivotal role in the history of Aruba. It is the oldest building on the island and was originally built as protection against local pirates. In 1868 after modifications, it began service as a lighthouse and public clock tower. As times and circumstances changed, it became the primary location for government offices, was transformed into a library, and for a time served as the post office. Today it is a symbol the island’s colorful past.

If you are interested in currencies, take a trip to the Numismatic Museum. It is the home of more than 33,000 coins and types of currencies from round and square shaped to those made of wood or gold, dating back to 400 BC. The Museum of Antiquities contains 23 showrooms filled with items created throughout the history of Aruba and South America. In the mid-1800’s, aloe vera was introduced to Aruba. It flourished and spread quickly in the hot, dry climate. Plantations were started and soon Aruba was the largest exporter of aloe products. Visit the museum to see how it all began. Today, the factory houses state of the art equipment.

It produces face and body moisturizers that contain pure aloe vera gel enriched with natural extracts. These upscale products are shipped all over the world. The Bushirbana and Balashi Gold Mill Ruins detail the history of Aruba gold mining. From the 14th Century adventurers looking for treasure to the gold rush of 1824 over 3 Million pounds of gold was produced. No matter where you look, Aruba is filled with a varied and colorful history, from the adventurers looking for treasure to pirate’s raids and swiftly changing governments. Come experience Aruba from an entirely new perspective.