The Best Bars In Aruba

Locating Aruba in the map may take you a long time because it is a small island surrounded by the enormous deep blue Caribbean sea. It is a tropical land in the southern part of the coast, which was developed for water activities like wind surfing, scuba diving and jet ski riding. However, what Arubans took pride most is their bars. The best bars in Aruba are a haven for tourists day and night. Let's take a sneak peek to the bars in a paradise-like island.

Night life is very popular hobby in all ages. It comes in any reason like escaping way from a family's feud, acquaintance meeting with long lost colleague or friend, rejuvenating self from the stressful work shift or just let the night pass with some jam. Some may drink their heart out; others may drowning the consciousness to numb absences or perhaps, taste the bitterness of liquor in their dried throat. In times like these, a bar is what you need and bar is where to go.

Aruban bar is located mostly in downtown, accessible to local people, tourists and bar hoppers. Some are clean, others are filthy. Bars are often complemented with discos or live bands. But most of all, liquors in any sizes, alcohol contents and mixes are the highlight. There are plenty of bars to choose from. Local owners intended to open this sort of business because apart from the idea that Aruba is one of a tourist spot, this became a culture that they lived on.

From beers to cocktail drink are served for the satisfaction of a drinker. Cost to these drinks varied depending on the drink asked but still affordable for a vagabond. Mixes of lemons, tropical drinks and wines are anticipated to the bartenders, flaring wine bottles here and there. Another sort of entertainment for bar hoppers.

The exotic foods are very superb. Sizzling dishes with smoking hot toppings often complement the chilling drinks. Sumptuous as it could be, the serving can just cost a few dimes and food arrangement is great. Cooks are in great precision to get the searing flavor of an off coast dishes. Seafood is their best specialty and once tasted, you may just want to ask for more.

Live bands are even showcased in some special cases. Reggae, jazz and hip hop often beat the dance floor that makes the whole night out a very perfect on. The disco lights encourage the people to kick their feet on the rhythm of music. No wonder, you would really enjoy and won't resist the indulgence to go with the beat.

Throughout the night, though everybody is enjoying the great party, local police still do their job to insure peace and orderliness of every bar. Securities in every establishment kept on guard with the vicinity. In case of accidents, local hospital/ rescue are always ready of any abrupt incidence. The local government insures every tourist is safe day or night.

Overall, the best bars in Aruba became such delight for a traveler. A great mixture of beautiful culture, foods, drinks and bars you can always look forward going back. Save the next exploration to Aruba, a paradise one can be proud of, a haven of joy and jammed packed exciting scenery.

The Best Restaurants In Aruba

Visiting the best restaurants in Aruba is one of the main reasons for making this particular resort your destination. There is information available, from the AAA and other critical review organizations, and from travel sites on the Web. For fine dining purposes, Aruba is known to be a great place to spend a vacation.

Known for friendly service and excellent food, whether local, ethnic dishes like goat stew or international cuisine, this city aims to please and to make your vacation relaxing and rewarding. It is less important, perhaps, to know the most highly rated establishments, since so many are so very good. However, there are stellar restaurants that stand out even in this talented community.

Italian cooking in Aruba is said to be just as good as that found in the home country, French cuisine like it just flew across the ocean, and sushi is as good as you can get in Japan. For specific specialty houses, ask at your hotel; the concierge will know and can make reservations for you.

The Aqua Grill is noted for the fresh catch of the day (many choices will be on the menu, of course). Gasparito's is renowned for authentic Aruban food (which includes steak), and is also known for its art gallery and the history it has acquired over more than twelve decades. Favorite foods may be found at Gianni's Italian Restaurant, the Flying Fishbone (where you dine on the beach), and Smokey Joe's, where its BBQ ribs are eaten outdoors in truly casual style.

If you prefer making the choice of casual to formal (though still relaxed) in a four diamond setting, there is the Radisson Aruba. With an onsite martini bar, the poolside bar, and three restaurants. The Radisson excels year after year in quality of food and service. Even the room service is outstanding, being available day and night, with a full menu until 1:30 am. The Gilligan's Beach Grill offers casual beachfront seating, and the Laguna offers its famous buffets for breakfast and dinner, alongside the freshwater of a quiet, cool lagoon.

The hotel's signature dining room is the Sunset Grille, where 'epicurean artisans' make award winning dishes and pride themselves on unique, eye pleasing presentation. Open from six in the evening to eleven, the Grille performs to the highest industry standards in both cuisine and service. Waitstaff is trained to be knowledgeable about every dish offered in the premiere restaurant.

Steaks are famous in Aruba, where the El Gaucho has become known for its charo grilled Argentinian steaks. As with all the more popular places, reservations are recommended, maybe even from your home computer. Also, when dining in Aruba, check your bill or ask at reservation time about the gratuity, which is often automatically added to the total when the check is presented. Otherwise, the standard percentage rates of 15 to 20 percent apply in this city.

Of course, adventurous tourist have long known that the best restaurants in Aruba may be true local hangouts, where the fishermen go. Great meals have been stumbled on by accident, cooked and served by the owners in the quiet, intimate front of their home. You never know.

Aruba Beach Villas

Aruba's beaches are known as the most spectacular and cleanest beaches in the world. Eagle Beach in Aruba is said to be "The Most Family Friendly Beach in the World". According to The Travel Channel. Just one of the many highly acclaimed honors bestowed on the small Caribbean Island. The Aruba Beach Villas offer great accommodations so you get the most out of your island visit.

The privacy and security that you get from renting a villa will allow you to feel at ease as you relax in the paradise of this island. With many that have beautiful yards and lush tropical gardens your family and children will feel safe and secure as they discover a beautiful wonderland.

So much is offered with villa rentals from air conditioning to maid service to simple services such as beach towels and chairs. Barbecue grills are available for the chefs in the family. You cannot visit Aruba without water activities and many villas offer all you need to take part in these activities. From snorkeling, kayaking and windsurfing the equipment is there for your convenience. Cable Television, high speed internet and some villas even offer in house computers. There will be plenty of televisions and stereo equipment to relax and listen to some soothing music.

Many full size homes were turned into villas offering you all the modern conveniences of home such as comfortable bedrooms and luxurious baths. Well equipped kitchens for those nights in and beautiful indoor and outdoor living areas to entertain or relax. In ground pools some with lovely waterfalls, hot tubs and swim up bars all encompassed by beautiful tropical gardens for your pleasure. Some are just steps away from the beach allowing for a beautiful back drop for a tropical wedding. This is a favorite island paradise for weddings and honeymooners.

Renting a car is a convenience you will want to have as you explore the island. For the shopping, restaurants, casinos and visits to the beach if you are not staying beach front will be a great help. With a car you will not miss a thing.

Villas offer many nice baths and the convenience of hot water. Some even offer breakfast a added benefit you will love. You are sure to find the tropical decor of the indoor and outdoor living areas pleasing and comfortable to all.

The villas in Aruba run from those modestly priced to the most luxurious and beautiful villas you could imagine. This with the added privacy and security you will receive will make villas a favorite accommodation.

Palm Beach, Eagle Beach and Oranjestad are a few of the more popular beaches on the island. Most of the restaurants, shopping, casinos and many other activities are found at these beaches. With so many things to do you will want to make time to do as much as possible.

Of course Aruba Beach Villas come in all sizes and shapes along with all price ranges to have something for everyone. So when planning that Aruba vacation be sure and check out all the beautiful villas there are to be found.

Aruba Events

If you feel like having a vacation in Aruba, be sure to familiarize yourself with the yearly Aruba events. This way you will not only experience the amazing night life, picturesque white beaches, tasty restaurant specialties plus comfortable hotel accommodations in Aruba. Let's take a closer glimpse of the lovely Aruba events that will absolutely make your tropical paradise getaway perfect.

On the first month of each and every year, there are already so many events that visitors can really look forward to. The famous 1 month Carnival Celebration is being celebrated with street parades every Januarys. This is even known as the biggest celebration of the year. Also, the Grand Final Tumba Contest, Parade in San Nicolas and Youth Carnival Queen Election are enjoyed by the people every year.

Then, on the 2nd month of each year, the Carnival Showdown, Children's Carnival Parade, Mrs. Carnival Election, and many other events also happen annually. Every March of each year, 2 events are being celebrated too. The International Half Marathon plus the National anthem Day and Flag Day are being held in March too. Then after the Flag Day event, games and plenty other sporting events or contests for kids and even adults are being held as well.

Every April of every year, the classical yet magnificent Piano Festival in Aruba has always been celebrated by the people. In addition to that, Queen Beatrix's natal day is also being look forward to on the same exact month. Then, every time the celebration is over, kite flying and some other sporting contests are being practiced. The International Boulevard Race has also been celebrated yearly with 200 plus competitors from the island of Aruba and other countries like Colombia, the USA, Holland, Netherlands, and Venezuela. Every May, the Soul Beach Music Festival has always been one of the most awaited events of the year. It has even featured very popular song artists such as Brian McKnight, Alicia Keys, Sean Paul, Boyz II Men plus many others. Plus, the Beach Tennis National Championships is also being held every May of each and every year.

Every June of every year, the Food & Wine Festival have always been one of the main attractions or events that are enjoyed by guests. In this specific activity, very popular chefs showcase their talents and expertise on several food item specialties. This also includes some wine tasting events. The International Triathlon in Aruba, St. John's Day and the Hi-Winds are also being celebrated yearly. The latter has always been considered as the greatest amateur windsurfing event that is open to both sexes. Every July, the Yearly Reef Care project is being practiced by the Arubans in order to keep their marine treasures and environment clean.

The International pro-Am Golf Tournament is also being held in Aruba. The team consists of golfers with 1 professional and four amateur golfers in a single team for the competition during the specific 36-hole event. Then, every September, the Turibana to Santa Cruz has also been celebrated by both Arubans and other visitors annually. Other than that, the Music Festival and Fire Prevention have also been celebrated every October of every year.

Then, every November, the National Coastal Clean-up, Beach Tennis International Championships and the infamous Heineken Catamaran Regatta are being celebrated yearly too. The latter annual activity shows Aruba's turquoise waters with the help of the colorful sails of the catamarans that's coming from Europe. And then, every December, Saint Nicolas' Day, Boxing Day, Christmas and even the Dande Festival are being enjoyed by people on an annual basis.

With all these Aruba events, your tropical paradise vacation can become more memorable. You will not just enjoy the sceneries, celebrations and other events but you will also know many hospitable and courteous Arubans. You will then have the best vacation ever!

Aruba Carnival 2011 Experience The Festival

The festivities for the yearly 3-month carnival in Aruba begin in January and the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Though the Carnival is a tradition all over the world, few places celebrate it with such zest as in Aruba. This highly anticipated festival is planned with parades, music, bands and events already scheduled for Aruba Carnival 2011 and beyond.

Aruba is located in southern end of the Caribbean, and is part of the Kingdom of Netherlands however Aruba is home to a mix of nationalities and cultures. However the citizens welcome the visitor like old friends and this small 32 mile long island features gorgeous beaches, specializes in recreational activities for the visitor with almost every modern amenity anyone could wish for, a sunny climate and of course the carnival.

Carnival is a celebration and music, brightly colored clothes and costumes, street dances and a party atmosphere make this an unforgettable experience the first time, and every time. The grand finish for the three-month long Carnival season ends with a ceremonial effigy burning of King Momo on the night before Lent begins. The celebration of carnival in Aruba reflects the culture of this island and the mixture of people.

Aruba of course is a favorite for adults to enjoy the fine drinks, the street dances and the parades but there are also activities from the younger crowd with parades for children where a young King and Queen are elected. No age group is neglected in this island wide festival.

This island is a visitor paradise all year long and the citizens appreciate visitors but even more so, during the Carnival where grand parades are held, mini parades, and spur of the moment street dances and parades are common. Whether they are long time residents or visitors all are encouraged to attend and enjoy the party.

The St. Nicolas street parade, which is said to be the largest and most colorful parades during carnival begins at four in the morning, which may be too early for some but just right for those who are night owls or early risers. However, it continues the route at 1 pm so everyone can enjoy, and thousands line the streets watching the colorful floats, and savoring the music that seems to be everywhere during this festival

The annual Oranestad parade is celebrating the 57 year and starts before noon it continues well past dark as it is the final parade in this district though spur of the moment celebrations and smaller planned events may continue.

Aruba observes the Monday before Ash Wednesday as a national holiday and citizens and visitors alike take advantage of this free day to enjoy the festival before the end.

All the parades, dancing, music and sights to see can leave a visitor tired, but in Aruba where the beaches are wide and sparkling and the water inviting, rest can be found just sunning or watching more adventurous souls try their hand at wind or kite surfing activities. With the sea so close at hand water sports and recreations are to be found at the spur of the moment or can be planned well in advance.

Though the Aruba Carnival 2011 is a tremendous attraction and attracts visitors from all over the world, this visitor friendly island is also a favored spot for honeymooners, and those who simply need a holiday in the sun.