Xtremewinds For Kite Surfing In Aruba

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Xtremewinds For Kite Surfing In Aruba
With a variety of plans and accommodations, Xtremewinds on the island of Aruba represents a holiday vacation site that is hard to beat. Kite surfing is one of the newest and most exciting water activities. It is suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced surfers. The comfortable lodging is a great place to relax after a day of winds and surf.

Lessons from accomplished instructors help beginners get started in the sport. Powered beginner kites help students get the feel of control. All lessons are conducted by professional and trained instructors who work one-on-one to give the student individual attention. The two-hour private lesson includes transportation from the hotel to the surfing site.

The two-hour intermediate lesson is also privately conducted. Pickup from the hotel is included here as well. Kiteboarding at the intermediate level offers a more powerful kite that is larger. It is matched closely to the wind speed. The instructor leads in teaching techniques such as first water starts, first aid, relaunch in water and self rescue. Kite control and body dragging in water are practiced under the watchful eye of the teacher.

For experienced kiteboarders at the intermediate level, advanced lessons offer the thrill of continuous open water rides or short rides in mastery of the waves. The advanced student has the opportunity to perfect starts in the water. Learning how to transition and how to control the board in order to stay upwind is another techniques that advanced students can practice during a two-hour private lesson from the best of instructors. With each of the lesson levels, group rates are available.

A choice of accommodations is available to guests. Close to the beaches and azure water, these comfortable and convenient locations will please people from every budget category. You can share a bathroom and kitchen facilities in a clean house only five minutes from the kiteboarding beach. One step up in price gets you a studio apartment with a shared kitchen and a private bathroom. You can get VIP treatment by choosing a hotel only a few feet from the beach. You have your own kitchen and bathroom with one or two rooms plus a living room. Enjoy the swimming pool and other attractions.

At Xtremewinds, every care has been taken to ensure that your stay on Aruba is the best ever holiday. You can sharpen your kiteboarding skills. If you are a beginner, this is your opportunity to see why this is the fastest growing sports in the world.

Please visit Xtremewinds for more information.

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