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Training Doctors to Have Bleeding Hearts

At All Saints University we believe that all doctors should have bleeding hearts. The expression ‘my heart bleeds for you’ is sometimes used facetiously to imply that there is no sympathy in a given situation, but the roots of the colloquialism go back to the idea of courtly love – or selfless love. It was understood that the heart ‘pushed out’ blood and to say that your heart bled for another person was the same as saying ‘my life is dedicated to you’. It is this attitude of dedication that we believe is a necessary part of service in the medical profession.

At All Saints University we believe that the medical profession is at its best when focused on compassionate and humanitarian impulses. We believe that medicine is not simply a trade to be learned as the old ‘barber surgeons’ of Europe practiced, but rather it is a noble profession dedicated to improving the lives and easing the deaths of the patients that come under its reach. By focusing studies with this principle in mind we help create medical professionals that dedicate their lives to their patients and could literally say ‘my heart bleeds for you’.

Students from All Saints University regularly achieve high marks on their Unites States Medical Licensure Exams (USMLEs). Part of this is due to the high quality of students that choose to study in Aruba, but much of it is due to the unique atmosphere and small class sizes at All Saints. The management staff at the University are dedicated to making the experience of studying medicine at All Saints as successful and supportive as possible. The lecturers and professors are able, due to the small class sizes, to dedicate extra time to answer questions, expand on theories and generally interface with the students. These factors combine to make All Saints the perfect place to study medicine.

While we believe that doctors should have ‘bleeding hearts’ at All Saints University we are also concerned with helping students learn balance and professionalism. The end goal is to create doctors that put a patient's needs first and yet maintain the clarity of vision needed to treat the illness appropriately. The end goal is to create medical professionals with a sense of social responsibility, commitment to their community and professional integrity. If this sounds like the type of medical training you would like to undertake visit to learn more.
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