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My fiance and I are going to Aruba next month and want to know if there is anything we "must do/ see". We're staying at La Cabana Beach and Racquet Club on Eagle Beach for a week and aren't planning on renting a car for the whole time we're there- we were thinking only a day or two at most.

We're hoping to keep it relatively inexpensive with a budget of about $1000- $1200 for the week. We have a condo and will be eating breakfast and lunch in most days but would appreciate some dining recommendations for dinners.

We're planning on relaxing by the pool and on the beach for the majority of the time but would love to do some sight seeing and snorkeling and possibly horseback riding on the beach as well.

I would appreciate anyone's feedback. Thanks so much!


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Hello, Welcome to the forums.

First let me start with some dinning tips.
There are a few restaurants we always visit while we are there.
Madame Janet, Benihana, Texas de Brazil and Yemanja.
Madame Janette is one of the best restaurants on the Island. It is only miles distance from your hotel.
This restaurant serves the most fantastic dishes. This restaurant is outdoor so all tables are in the garden of the restaurant. A reservation is recommended to visit this restaurant. Telephone: 011-297- 587-0184 or 011-297-587-4784.
Benihana is a restaurant on Palm Beach. This Japanese show cooking restaurant serves the best fish dishes on the Island. The chefs at Beni’s always perform a great act while they are cooking. The decoration is not that great at this restaurant but the food makes everything right. If you like seafood I recommend the Seafood Diablo.
Texas de Brazil is a great steakhouse. This Brazilian restaurant is no ala cart restaurant. The waiters roam through the restaurant with choice cuts of the best chicken, angus beef, pork, lamb & sausage. A reservation is recommended especially when you want to sit outside. 297-586-4686
The final restaurant is Yemanja. Well. What do I have to say. This place is perfect. This restaurant is located in Oranjestad next to the government buildings and Renaissance Hotel. Year after year this restaurant is voted to one of the best on Aruba. The location is not that great. But overall it is the best dining experience you can get on Aruba.

Snorkeling. There are a few locations perfect for snorkeling. First there is Baby Beach. This beach is at the south side of the island. So you have to go by car to go there. The water is shallow and there are plenty fish to see. You can rent snorkeling gear on site. When we go snorkeling we always take 2 or 3 squeeze bottles of cheese with us. This extract fish. The only bad point at Baby Beach is the crowd. If you are lucky you are the only one in the water. But this is not going to happen. Because the water is shallow, it is also reasonably fast cloudy.
The next location for snorkeling is Palm Island. This place is a private Island so you have to pay to visit is. Snorkeling gear is on site. The ticket price includes food and drinks. But do not expect too much of the food.
The last snorkeling location is Malmok. This is our favorite. Here is no snorkeling gear so you have to bring it yourself. Water shoes are also recommended. Also bring fresh water to rinsing yourself. But this location is the best for snorkeling.
Maybe you like to do a introduction dive at one the diving schools on the Island. Jads diving school is located at Baby Beach and maybe a introduction dive is a fun thing to do while you are there. Scuba diving is a great experience.

When you rent a car I advise to rent a 4x4. With a 4x4 you can make a round trip along the island. Especially the east coast is very nice to see while you are there. There are no hotels, But the landscape is very rough. There are some attractions like the remains of the natural bridge, the ruins of the gold mine, the caves, the ostrich farm and the national park Arikok.

Horseback riding is not my thing so I can’t advise you about this.

a bit expensive but a very nice experience is the Atlantis Submarine. Here you can stay dry and still see the marine life in the Aruban waters.
I hope you find some answers and if not, please ask.

Please have a great vacation on Aruba and tell us your story when you are back


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